34 Best Affirmations For Money That Work Like Magic

It is no secret that finances or money gives a sense of safety, security and comfort to your life. This is the reason why most people normally strive to make more money and become rich. Others, engage in dubious businesses with hope that they will be able to make a fortune out of it. After all, we all need money to pay bills, maintain our current lifestyle, pay debts, do shopping, support the needy and so forth.

However, not everyone makes money as he or she ever wishes. Even if some have to make money, they have to toil, moil and soil themselves in order to earn a dime. Although there are many contributing factors that can lead to such a phenomenon, one of those factors that top the list is negative self-talk.

Although this may sound simplistic, research has shown that positive self-talk yields positive fruits. It is due to this reason that you should know money affirmations so that you can be optimistic as far as your finances are concerned. In this article we shall take a closer look at affirmations for money, wealth affirmations, law of assumption affirmations and so much more.

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What Are Money Affirmations?

Before we look at money affirmations, it is important that you understand the real meaning of affirmations. Simply put, affirmations are simple, positive statements one makes whenever he or she is declaring specific goals in their completed states.

When one is practicing the law of attraction, one has to make daily affirmations. Here, you will be putting your wishes out to the universe, hoping that one day, these wishes will come into a reality. It can actually be likened to manifestation. Since you are focused on something, be sure that you will attract it to your life.

Money affirmations are not any different. Simply put, money affirmations or wealth affirmations are focused on both you and the money. This can take a number of dimensions. From how you handle your money to what you will do with your money.

The good news is that money affirmations can help revolutionize your money story. This will go a long way in enabling you get past your money blocks. Once you reset the negative mindset about money, you will be able to make more money in the long run and achieve your life goals.

How Do Affirmations For Money Work?

Like we illustrated above, you are the product of your thoughts. You eventually become what you keep on telling yourself. Although this can take time, it eventually takes place. For instance, when you look at your bank balance, what do you tell yourself? Do you whisper hope or pessimism to yourself? What you tell yourself will gear you towards achieving it.

It is imperative to note that affirmations normally work on both the conscious and subconscious mind. At first, we normally make an ordinary statement. It may not be a serious statement, but over time, these statements start influencing our daily decisions in life.

Consequently, these little bits of reinforcement start to stick in our subconscious mind and keep on growing as long as we remember and implement them. If this is unchecked, they can actually replace the negative thought process. This is the reason why you should consider developing positive money affirmation.

For instance, abundance affirmations can help eliminate negative and limiting beliefs in life. This will greatly help transform your current comfort zone from a limited one to a more expanded one where you can achieve anything you want in life.

Technically, you will be able to replace your ‘I can’t ’ with ‘I cans’. With this in mind, your current fears and doubts will transform to confidence and certainty. Since positive energy is equally powerful as the negative one, be sure that your life will change tremendously as far as money matters are concerned.

How To Structure An Affirmation

As you plan to have a number of money or wealth affirmations in your life, there is a need for you to know how to structure it so that it can be of much help to you. Some of the ideas that you should consider include:

1. Try To Keep It Personal

Try To Keep It Personal - money affirmations

Here, you should always start with an ‘I am’ and not we. Since you want to improve your current financial status, you should focus on yourself now and not anyone else. Take the center stage for now.

2. Use Present Tense

Use Present Tense

Although you may be tempted to use past tense, there is a need for you to use the present tense. This is because you ought to phrase the statements as if they are true at the moment.

3. Be Positive

Be Positive

Negative statements should have no space as far as financial affirmations are concerned. For instance you should say, ’I am focusing on spending on a healthy diet that I prepare at home’ and not ‘I will stop spending money on fast foods’. Here, you will be affirming what you want and not what you do not want.

4. Ensure That It Is Specific Enough

Ensure That It Is Specific Enough

This cannot be overemphasized. Your statements should be stated as facts and not an opinion. For instance, ’I want to save $50 on a monthly basis’. Your statement should be set in stone and not a wavering thought.

5. Keep It Short

Keep It Short

Your abundance affirmations should be short and precise. This will enable you to remember them with ease anytime your mind thinks about them.

6. Use Feeling Words

Use Feeling Words

Words that connote emotions work magic. For instance, happily, easily, confidently, hopeful, gratefully and so forth can be integrated in your statements so that the entire statement looks optimistic from the word go.

How Can I Make Money Affirmations Work Fast?

There are many ways that can make affirmations work fast. Some of these ways include:

1. Stand In Front Of A Mirror And Start Talking To Yourself

Stand In Front Of A Mirror And Start Talking To Yourself

Although this method may seem weird for some, it works magic. By looking at the person in the mirror, you will start visualizing yourself in another world of many possibilities. This further allows you to implement the money affirmations you have in mind.

2. Write Them Down

Write Them Down

You can now write the wealth affirmations you have in mind in your journal for easier reference. Anytime that you see these affirmations in your journal, you will recall that you have a goal to achieve in life. You can even post it on a computer screensaver, white board and so forth. As long as it’s visible, you will be able to implement it on the go.

3. Integrate Them In Your Daily Life Routine

Integrate Them In Your Daily Life Routine - money affirmations

For instance, you can sing these affirmations even when you are cooking, driving or taking a shower. Better still, think about them even when you are swimming or at the gym. All this will help your mind recall them and drive you towards achieving them.

4. Share Them With Friends

Share Them With Friends - money affirmations

Apart from the 3 methods listed above, you can also share your money affirmations with your friends. As long as they are reliable friends, be sure that they will always remind you of these affirmations anytime you are together.

5. Do Them Multiple Times In A Day

Whether you are sad or happy, let the affirmations guide you. You should implement them even on a bad day. This will greatly help you achieve your financial goals in life. In fact, the more you repeat it, the faster you will change your mindset and other past negative beliefs about money.

List Of Money Affirmations That Work Fast

The following is a list of money affirmations that can help you attract wealth fast.

1. I attract money in my sleep
2. I am financially free
3. I deserve to be paid for my time, skills and knowledge
4. I am connected to the universal supply of money
5. I can look at my finances without fear
6. I am wealthy in many ways
7. I attract money to me
8. I am receptive to all wealth life offers me
9. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
10. My actions create constant prosperity.

List Of Abundance Affirmations That Work Fast

The following is a list of abundance affirmations that works magic:

1. My life is filled with health and wealth
2. I want more money and that is okay.
3. I accept and receive unexpected money
4. I have more than enough money
5. I am always discovering new sources of income
6. I am getting out of my own way when it comes to money
7. I am open to receiving all the wealth life brings to me.
8. I deserve to make more money
9. I am capable of overcoming any money-obstacles that stand on my way
10. Today, I commit to living my financial dreams
11. It is easy for me to be prosperous and successful in life
12. Abundance is coming and I deserve it.

What Are The Laws Of Assumption Affirmations?

First and foremost, the law of assumptions normally states that whatever you assume becomes your reality eventually. This is the reason why affirmation plays a great role when using the law of assumption. Some of the law of assumption affirmations include:

1. I am the creator of my reality
2. Change begins on the inside
3. I hold the key to reality
4. My external reality is a direct reflection of my internal state
5. I can rewrite my story easily.
6. I have decided to get out of my own way
7. I persist despite what my physical senses tell me
8. My world is a projection of my consciousness
9. It feels good to assume the best
10. My assumptions serve my highest good.
11. My reality reflects my beliefs
12. I am willing to suspend my disbelief

What Are Manifestation Affirmations?

Manifestation affirmations normally enable you to manifest nearly everything in your life. Whether it is money manifestation, happiness, success, peace of mind, ideal weight or growth in your career, there are many things that can manifest in your life. All you have to do is to let those issues be the dominant thoughts in your mind. Ultimately, they will manifest in your life.

Can Money Affirmations Make You Rich?

Well, it depends on how you implement them. As long as you let them remain in your mind, you may not become rich as you may wish. Instead, you need to actualize them by laying out a plan on how you intend to make them work.

However, the good news is that they will make you adopt an abundance mindset and thus enable you to shift your beliefs and perceptions about money. Once these beliefs have taken a paradigm shift, you will start living your affirmations and the aftermath will be evident in your life.

Final Words

Those are some of the affirmations for money that can work well for you. Once you have decided the one that suits your money goals, work on it. Here, you need to come up with a plan that will make these money affirmations a reality. By doing so, your perception about money will change and thus enable you to grow wealth and achieve your life goals. Consider these affirmations for money today and you will not regret it.

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