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VPN For Business: A Comprehensive Guide For 2024

In today’s interconnected world, a Business VPN serves as the backbone for securing corporate communication channels, ensuring that sensitive data stays out of reach from prying eyes.

By creating an encrypted tunnel between remote users and the company network, it empowers teams to work with confidence no matter where they are located.

Definition & Purpose

A business VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and serves as a secure gateway between remote employees and the company’s internal networks. It offers encrypted channel connectivity, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected from unauthorized access or cyber threats.

This tool is crucial for businesses with a remote workforce, facilitating safe intranet access from anywhere in the world.

The main purpose of such a network encryption service is to provide online security while granting remote team connectivity. By creating a virtual bridge between different geographical locations, it unites branch offices and at-home workers with their corporate resources.

Data protection is paramount in this process as it shields all transmitted information over public or shared networks.

Businesses rely on VPNs not just for enhanced security but also to maintain seamless operations across dispersed teams. Whether you’re managing client information, accessing restricted documents, or just checking emails safely while using public Wi-Fi, a business VPN ensures your work stays confidential and secure.

Benefits & Drawbacks

Business VPNs come with the major benefit of ramping up internet security, making sure that sensitive business data stays encrypted and out of the wrong hands. This high level of data encryption is essential when teams are working remotely or accessing company files across various networks.

With a VPN, employees can also tap into geo-restricted content, which means they can access websites and services that may not be available in their current location.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing; using a VPN can lead to slower connection speeds due to the extra steps involved in encrypting and rerouting traffic through different servers.

Occupations that require rapid online responsiveness might find this particularly challenging. Despite these bandwidth limitations, many businesses consider the trade-off worthwhile for the enhanced network protection provided by a reliable VPN service.

Another aspect to weigh is potential complexity; setting up secure connections for an entire organization demands attention to detail and technical know-how. Ensuring every employee has remote access while still maintaining online privacy requires careful management of user credentials and devices connected to the business network.

Even though there are hurdles like these, for organizations prioritizing anonymity online and robust defense against cyber threats, investing in a competent business VPN solution is often seen as non-negotiable.

Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Business VPN

When hunting for the perfect business VPN, key considerations like robust security protocols and user-friendly interfaces can make or break your company’s network safety and productivity.

It’s critical to weigh these features against your organization’s specific needs to ensure a seamless blend of protection, performance, and growth potential.

Location & Privacy

Server locations play a crucial role in a business VPN’s effectiveness. If servers are widespread geographically, your team can connect quickly and efficiently from anywhere, enhancing VPN performance.

Close proximity to the server usually means faster connection speeds, making work seamless—whether it’s for video conferences, transferring large files or accessing resources securely.

Protecting your business’s data privacy is no small task. A robust business VPN should offer top-notch security measures like strong encryption protocols to shield sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

Keep an eye out for features that secure all forms of business communication, ensuring confidentiality isn’t compromised by prying eyes. With the right VPN, you can maintain strict control over who accesses your network without sacrificing speed or accessibility.


Having covered location and privacy concerns, let’s turn our attention to the backbone of any Virtual Private Network: security. Strong data encryption is crucial in protecting sensitive information as it travels across the internet.

Business VPNs should employ advanced protocols that ensure a secure connection every time employees access company resources, especially when they’re on public Wi-Fi networks. This shields your business from cyber threats and maintains privacy protection for client data and internal communications.

Top-tier business VPNs integrate features like automatic kill switches, multi-factor authentication processes, and strict no-logs policies. Each layer adds robustness to your network security strategy.

For example, Norton Secure VPN activates additional defenses without manual intervention whenever a potential risk is detected, ensuring continuous data protection even if an employee forgets to enable their VPN.

Properly securing remote access points prevents unauthorized users from infiltrating your company’s network or intercepting private exchanges between team members. As more businesses embrace remote work setups, implementing online security measures becomes non-negotiable to safeguard assets against ever-evolving cyber attacks efficiently.

Ease of Use & Compatibility

Finding a business VPN that offers an intuitive interface is vital. No one wants to waste time navigating confusing menus or dealing with complex settings. A simple setup can make all the difference, allowing employees to get connected quickly without constant calls to IT support.

Look for VPNs that promise smooth operation and minimal downtime.

Versatile compatibility also matters greatly in your choice of a business VPN. The service must work seamlessly across various platforms, whether your team uses Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android devices.

Cross-platform support ensures that all members of your workforce have secure access to company resources, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Flexibility in device connectivity means you can expect employees to easily link their laptops, smartphones and tablets without encountering issues. This enables a more agile and responsive workforce capable of staying protected while on the move.

With these features at hand, you’ll provide not only strong security but also ensure continuous productivity within your team.


Scalability ensures that your chosen VPN can handle the growing number of users and devices as your business expands. Think about how many employees might need secure access in a year or two.

Choosing a scalable VPN means looking for one with flexible plans that allow you to easily add more bandwidth, user accounts, and security features without hassle.

Make sure the VPN has a solid infrastructure that won’t buckle under increased load so it can provide consistent performance even as demand goes up. This adaptability is crucial because it supports your company’s development without forcing costly upgrades or system switches down the line.

Opting for a service with great scalability gives you peace of mind; knowing that as your enterprise flourishes, your network’s capacity to protect and connect will scale right along with it.

Top Business VPNs for 2024

Discover the frontrunners in VPN technology for 2024, ensuring your business stays ahead with top-notch security and seamless integration; keep reading to find out which provider can best address your specific needs.

Overall Best: Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 stands out as the top-tier VPN for businesses in 2024, boasting an Advanced Cloud VPN that’s tailor-made for enterprise users. Its Wireguard encryption protocol delivers a swift and reliable connection, dramatically reducing latency while elevating security performance to protect sensitive data across corporate networks.

This cutting-edge approach solidifies Perimeter 81 as a trusted guardian of virtual private networks in demanding business environments.

Companies looking for a robust cybersecurity solution will find Perimeter 81’s offerings comprehensive. With rave reviews for its ability to secure companywide networks effectively, it’s no wonder the Business Guide for VPNs singles out Perimeter 81 as the preferred choice among enterprise options.

Offering a free demo allows potential buyers to experience firsthand how this service can streamline their cybersecurity without any initial investment.

Best for Customization: NordLayer

NordLayer stands out in the VPN market with its exceptional customization options. Users get to tailor their network solutions to fit their specific needs, making it a perfect choice for businesses that require advanced network configurations.

Its ability to adapt and cater to unique requirements sets NordLayer apart as the go-to customized business VPN solution.

Businesses dealing with complex networks find NordLayer’s flexibility invaluable. The platform provides highly configurable VPN features that ensure robust security without compromising performance.

This makes it a favored option for demanding users who need personalized VPN experiences and tailored network security.

Moving on from customization capabilities, let’s explore cost-effective choices that don’t skimp on quality in the next section: Best Value for Teams: TunnelBear.

Best Value for Teams: TunnelBear

TunnelBear stands out as a top choice for teams looking for an affordable business VPN without sacrificing quality. With plans starting at just $5.75 per user each month, it’s easy on the budget while ensuring secure browsing and robust data encryption.

Teams benefit from features that protect their online activities and allow them to access resources securely, no matter where they are.

This VPN doesn’t skimp on performance either; users enjoy fast download speeds which means productivity isn’t hampered by slow connections. Plus, the unlimited simultaneous connections make it perfect for growing teams who need network protection across multiple devices at once.

TunnelBear’s emphasis on simplicity and value makes it a smart pick for businesses prioritizing both security and cost-effectiveness in 2024.

Best for Small Businesses: ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN stands out as the go-to option for small businesses looking to bolster their cybersecurity. Not only does this top VPN service provide a secure online connection, but it’s also incredibly fast and efficient.

Small business owners can trust in ProtonVPN’s military-grade encryption that keeps company data safe from prying eyes.

Opting for ProtonVPN means choosing a virtual private network with an impressive server network located in heavily fortified structures. Ranked number 7 among the Best VPNs for business of 2024, its performance and security credentials are unquestionable.

If reliable internet security is a priority for your small enterprise, ProtonVPN delivers robust protection without complicating your workflow.

Best for Scalability: Surfshark

Surfshark stands out as a virtual private network that grows with your business. Whether you’re starting small or managing a large enterprise, this VPN adapts to suit your company’s evolving needs.

It offers robust scalability solutions, which are essential when your workforce becomes more distributed across the globe.

Companies looking for a corporate VPN that won’t break under increased demand will find Surfshark meets their expectations. Its ability to handle an expanding remote workforce ensures that secure networking doesn’t compromise performance.

With impressive global accessibility, it keeps teams connected and business communication seamless no matter where in the world they are.

Transitioning smoothly into securing your data and privacy is just another step after choosing the right VPN provider.

How to Set Up and Use a Business VPN

Learn the ropes of implementing a Business VPN with ease, from initial sign up to seamless management across your team, ensuring secure connectivity is just a few clicks away—keep reading for the step-by-step breakdown.

Signing up & Downloading

Getting started with a business VPN is straightforward and quick. You’ll need to follow a few simple steps to secure your online activities.

  • Choose the right VPN service for your business needs by comparing features like security, scalability, and user-friendliness.
  • Visit the chosen VPN provider’s website on your computer or device.
  • Click on the sign – up button, usually found on the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Fill in your company details and payment information to create an account.
  • Select a suitable plan that aligns with the size and requirements of your team.
  • Complete the purchase process and confirm your subscription through email if prompted.
  • Download the VPN software from the link provided on the VPN service’s website or in the confirmation email.
  • Find this file in your downloads folder and double – click it to start installation.
  • Follow on – screen instructions carefully during setup; these will guide you through permissions and configurations necessary for installation.
  • Once installed, launch the app by clicking its icon either on your desktop or within your applications folder.


Once you’ve signed up and downloaded your chosen business VPN, setting it up correctly is crucial for ensuring network security. A well-configured VPN can safeguard your data with encryption while providing seamless remote access to your corporate network. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open the VPN client on your device and enter the login credentials provided by the VPN service. This step establishes your account with the service and prepares your device for a secure connection.
  2. Look for a settings or configuration section within the application. Here, you will adjust the settings to match your business’s specific needs for data protection and network access.
  3. Select the server location that is closest to you or offers the best speeds for your team’s operations. Server choice can affect connection speed and reliability, so choose wisely.
  4. Enable strong encryption protocols in settings to ensure that all data transferred over the network is protected from unauthorized access.
  5. Set up multifactor authentication to add an extra layer of security when accessing the VPN. This helps prevent unwanted guests from entering your business network.
  6. Activate any available firewall protection within the VPN software to block potential threats before they can reach devices on your network.
  7. Integrate the VPN with company devices across different platforms, ensuring ease of use and compatibility whether employees are using laptops, smartphones, or tablets.
  8. Establish guidelines for managing users and their access permissions within the VPN system to keep control over who can view sensitive information.
  9. Test run all configurations with a small group before rolling it out company – wide; this allows you to make any necessary adjustments without impacting all users.
  10. Stay connected with customer support from your VPN provider for troubleshooting any issues that may arise during initial setup or daily use.

Managing Users & Devices

Managing users and devices is crucial for a business VPN setup. It ensures secure access and centralized control over the corporate network.

  • Begin with signing up for a VPN service that meets your business security needs. Focus on finding one that allows easy user management.
  • Download the necessary VPN software onto each device, making sure it supports multiplatform use.
  • Configure the VPN settings to align with your company’s network security policies, which might include setting up firewalls and encryption protocols.
  • Add users to the system, assigning them access privileges based on their roles within the company.
  • Install VPN applications on all required devices, whether they are computers, smartphones or tablets.
  • Create groups or categories to simplify managing permissions and access levels for teams or departments.
  • Monitor connections actively to maintain a secure network, looking out for any unauthorized access attempts.
  • Update software regularly to protect against vulnerabilities and ensure infrastructure requirements are met for new features or patches.
  • Provide training for employees on how to use the VPN effectively and responsibly in their daily tasks.
  • Utilize centralized controls to manage updates and changes across all users and devices quickly and efficiently.
  • Establish clear guidelines for remote access, ensuring consistent security protocols are followed by staff working from various locations.
  • Engage customer support from your VPN provider when facing technical difficulties to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

In the fast-paced world of business, having a reliable VPN is crucial. Ensure you select one that meets your company’s specific needs for security and productivity. Keep in mind ease of use and scalability to grow with your business.

Take action today and fortify your digital workspace with the right VPN solution. Your data deserves top-notch protection as you navigate the challenges of 2024 and beyond.