Why I Don’t Want to Work? 12 Most Common Reasons

Tall buildings, offices, suited people, laptops, and a cup of tea. While all this might look attractive to us in the movies, a normal person on the other hand may one day just put your pen down, shut down your computer and say I dont want to work!

What is happening to me you may wonder! Why don’t I want to work like the other 3 billion people in the world? Ready to claim yourself as crazy? Wait and check out what we have to say.

You surely will feel better by the end of the article. You are already here reading this is a good sign already.

Is There Something Wrong with Me? Why I Don’t Want to Work?

Don’t want to work anymore? Your heart says no but your mind tells you otherwise? well It’s all normal.

Don’t worry you are acting just like you should be, a normal human being! This has happened to all of us at different stages of life.

You are not alone. It is okay to feel down sometimes. Take a deep breath and relax.

It’s That Time of The Year:

If you have reached this point in life where you just don’t want to continue work, it’s high time. From what you may ask.

Your body has stopped functioning, your heart is not at work and your brain refuses to accept more work. It’s time you take time out for yourself.

Let’s just sit down and take time out for yourself and re-evaluate your life and decisions. Don’t worry, think that you got all the time in the world. Hence, this time you are investing it in yourself.

Factors & Symptoms to Know Something Is Wrong – When You Don’t Want To Work:

Symptoms to Know Something

Although if all the bills are paid and food comes to us from the sky who would want to work?

Nobody likes hard work and everybody wants shortcuts. This generation with smartphones and gadgets is generally lazy when it comes to working.

While the general feeling of not wanting to work is quite common, things get serious if you are feeling the following factors:

  • You can’t get up from your bed even when you know it’s important to go to work.
  • You lost all your motivation to work
  • Work is just not appealing anymore.
  • You feel under-appreciated
  • No one acknowledges your hard work and it’s hard to focus on our job.
  • You have a lot of anxiety.
  • You have too much pressure and deadlines.
  • Even after reaching your goals at work, you still don’t feel happy.
  • You don’t have a mentor and lose all inspiration.
  • There is no personal and professional growth in the work that you do.
  • You are always depressed and always crying for no reason.
  • You get emotional about little things and become sensitive easily.

All above are the factors you feel when you come to the point where you just don’t want to work. If you feel this way it’s time you mend yourself and give yourself some time and care.

Your career choices make a lot of difference in your mental health and physical wellbeing. Some jobs may be good for a few people and they might be satisfied with their work.

On the other hand, the same job and work timings may not suit some individuals, making them unhappy and refusing to go to work.

If you came here looking for answers this article is just for you. Read it till the end and feel better and leave with a clear mind.

What To Do If I Don’t Want to Work?

What To Do If I Don’t Want to Work

So, your heart is not ready for any responsibilities. You don’t want to work either. What to do now?

There are two ways to handle a situation like this:

Firstly, you can just rant about it, be depressed and ruin your life.

While you can all do this but who has bills to pay, food to eat. Earnings are just not necessary for financial freedom but it also helps you to have peace of mind and self-esteem to face the world.

Secondly, you realize what is happening to you, and face it like a pro. Alter your lifeways and take the life steering wheels in your hand.

12 Ways to Deal with The Phase When You Don’t Want to Work:

You can do this by applying the following in your life:

1. Give Yourself A Break

Give Yourself A Break

What Will it Do?

Oftentimes we get so busy with life that we forget to take a breather. People forget that it’s good to relax and take some time out from work.

Why Is It Necessary?

A break is necessary to refresh your mind and let you think about your future goals.

2. Talk To a Friend

To a Friend

What Will It Do?

Sometimes all you need to do is to take it all out. Therefore, talking to your friend might do the work. Find someone you trust and are comfortable with.

Share all your worries and take out all your frustrations with your friend. It is better to talk to someone with the same finances and a friend who is going through the same situation.

Why Is It Necessary?

Everyone needs a friend in their life who is helpful and whom you can share your life with.
When you talk to someone in the same situation, they might be able to relate more to your issues and you may find a solution to it.

Letting it all out will work magically for you, you feel relaxed afterward and your mind is all clear.

3. Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

What Will It Do?

Sometimes when we are on an emotional roller-coaster ride, we tend to forget how blessed we are. All we remember is the hard times that we are going through.

Why Is It Necessary?

Counting your blessings in life makes you appreciate yourself.

Always look at the people, who are less blessed than you and you will feel good about yourself.

If you exchange your problems with other people, you will instantly take yours back!

4. Learn A New Skill

Learn A New Skill

What Will It Do?

When you are over your current field in life. You should take a break and start a new skill.
Maybe it’s that one career that you always wanted to pursue in childhood or that instrument that always fascinated you.

Why Is It Necessary?

It will divert your mind and take your mind off the negative things that are stuffed in your head for no reason.
You feel good about yourself. Maybe next time flaunt your skills on a date. 😉
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5. Start Healthy Activities

Start Healthy Activities

What Will It Do?

Health is wealth. Sitting for long hours on our desk makes you bored and affects your health. It increases the chances of obesity and makes your mind dull.

You get irritated on little things and often might not even want to talk to people.

Why Is It Necessary?

Healthy activities like sports and games affect you positively. It makes your body healthier and even elevates your mood. Hence, you start to enjoy life and be a little bit more appreciable.

6. Find Motivation to Work

Find Motivation to Work

What Will It Do?

Maybe you are going through this phase or are so lonely in your life that you lose all the motivation in your life.
Spice things up for yourself, find a partner or it may even be a pet that will make your life colorful and give you the motivation to work and earn a better living.

Why Is It Necessary?

It gives a new angle to your life. You want things to be better in your life.

7. Make Your Analysis Why You Are Feeling This Way

Analysis Why You Are Feeling This Way

What will it do?

Who is the person who knows best about you? It’s you! You know yourself best. All the achievements, disappointments, everything goes by your side.

You can be your best judge. Deep down in your heart you always know what is bothering you, you just need to explore yourself a little.

Why Is It Necessary?

You are your boss in real life. After analyzing yourself you may get to a solution and think of a way out for yourself. You can do it!

8. Switch Your Career

Switch Your Career

What will it do?

Remember where we advised earlier to learn a new skill, it may lead to a career switch for you. Sometimes your work may not be suiting you in timing or you may not have work growth there.

Learning a new skill means that you have an option to change your career line. This may make you happier and satisfied.

Why Is It Necessary?

Switching your work to the one you like better can be the solution to why you don’t want to work. While it may not be an easy switch but a good move if you need a change.

9. Visit A Doctor

Visit A Doctor

What Will It Do?

If nothing else works for you, and you have extreme mood swings or suicidal thoughts it’s time to rush to the doctor.

Why Is It Necessary?

A mental check-up is nothing to be ashamed of. Mental illnesses do exist. You may be going through something like depression. And may need help. Therefore, prevention is better than cure.

10. Vacation


What Will It Do?

Going on a trip may be a deal-breaker for you. Traveling has so many advantages. You get to explore the world and even your inner self.

Why Is It Necessary?

The change of environment lets your brain consume positive energy from new places and excites your heart. You might come back as a new person who would never say again, I don’t want to work.

11. Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

What Will It Do?

This is also an effective way to reward yourself for little goals in life. The times when you don’t want to work give yourself an incentive.

Like keep aside some money and treat yourself to the spa after a hard week of work. Or you can buy yourself your favorite sports shoes because yeah you deserve it all!

Why Is It Necessary?

Rewards and incentives are what make you go. Even if you give a reward to a child and it increases their performance, the same goes for adults.

Oh, the excitement of a parcel arriving at your place. Yes, try this technique it will surely up your work game.

12. Spend Time with Family

Spend Time with Family

What Will It Do?

Spending a lot of time busy without family. Family is always there for you. Through thick and thin, they support you and you can always run to them after the heartbreak.

Spending time with your family makes you connected with your roots, refreshes you, and gives you insights into the life challenges that you can face.

Why Is It Necessary?

Family is always there to support you. They may even provide you with sound advice in which no interest is involved. They know you inside out.

Spending time with the family lets you recognize who you are and where you came from. You get to recognize your potential and come out as a new person much more motivated to work who won’t again say I don’t want to work.


If there comes a phase in life when you give up and don’t want to work, it’s okay. Give yourself a break. Take one day at a time and sleep over it for a few days.

Meet some family and friends and start all over who you are, where your roots are, and what personality you belong to.

All these answers will guide you to choose the right path. In conclusion, we say practice all the above ways and carry on with whatever suits you.

Therefore, you will have two ways out in question to I don’t want to work what should I do:

Either carry one with your work with more motivation and a changed lifestyle. And the other way will be to learn and focus on a new skill set, the one in which you are most interested.

The one which intrigues you.

Find yourself some work that makes you love your job and you never have to think again. I don’t want to work.

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