Applying To Pitch

To apply to pitch your startup, complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure you meet the Pitch Requirements listed below.
  2. Prepare your answers for the two application questions: (How did you arrive at your pricing strategy? and What is the size of your market?see examples)
  3. Complete the online pitch application form.  You’ll be asked to provide your answers to the two application questions above, plus a few basic details about your company.

Click to Apply

It is free to apply.  Additionally, all applicants get a free ticket to attend the event (a $30 value), even if they are not selected to present.

The application deadline to pitch at an event is 3 weeks before that event.

Pitch Requirements

  • You must be a Founder and Principal (CEO, President, or Partner) of a for-profit company
  • The company must be a software startup (a young company with software as its core technology).  Any web-based business or mobile application-based business is fine.
  • Your company must have a live website or a mobile application.
    • If you have a website, it must demonstrate interactive functionality at the time you apply to pitch.  It can be in a “beta” state but it cannot be a “coming soon” page or a blog.
    • If you are pitching a mobile startup, your app must be live and downloadable from an app store.
  • To keep things fresh for the audience, we don’t allow the same company to pitch too frequently.  You must wait a minimum of six months to pitch again.  Also, wait until there is a significant change in design, features, or business model before applying to pitch again.

Q: How do you decide which startups get selected to pitch?

We take applications from about 20 startups for each pitch event.  About 3 weeks before an event we review the applications and pick the 8 most compelling applications and notify all the applicants.

As noted above, it is free to apply and all applicants get a free ticket to attend the event.  You are encouraged to re-apply as often as you like.

For best results, read our guide on how to get selected to pitch.

If you have any questions about the application process email

Q: Does my startup have to be bootstrapped to pitch? What if we’ve taken angel/venture funding?

No, you do not have to be bootstrapped to pitch. Bootstrapped and venture funded startups are all welcome. As long as you meet the above requirements, you are welcome to register to pitch anytime.

Q: Can service providers pitch?

No, but you can sponsor us. For our purposes, “service providers” are companies that sell services to businesses.  Examples include accountants, designers, web/mobile developers, consultants, internet hosting providers, office space providers, and PR firms.

Please note that anyone is welcome to attend Ultra Light Startups. There are no restrictions on who can purchase General Admission tickets.  The restrictions described here only apply to pitching.

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