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Start Business In Oregon

In Oregon, it is possible to use a different name for your business. This is called a DBA or Assumed Business Name. It helps people who don’t have companies use another name and also lets LLCs and Corporations use different names for their businesses or brands. To do this in Oregon, you need to register the business name with the state government. This can be helpful but it does not give the same legal protection as an LLC or Corporation. If you are starting a new business in Oregon, it’s better to form an LLC instead of using a DBA. If your business name is different from your legal name, you need to get a DBA in Oregon. A DBA makes sure that your business follows the laws in Oregon. It also gives you a registered name and more legal protection and tax benefits. A DBA can be useful for many businesses and reasons.

Examples are:

  • Businesses that are owned by one person or a group of people don’t need to use their own names. They can pick another name and keep their personal information private.
  • People in Oregon who own or share a business can open a special bank account. This bank account is only for the business and not for personal things.
  • A brand name is a special name for businesses. They can use the same brand name for different things they sell or do. Companies like LLCs and Corporations can use one brand name and have lots of different products and services without doing more legal paperwork.
  1. If you want to start a business in Oregon, choose a name that is clear, short, special and easy to remember. To register your business name in Oregon:
  2. 1. Check that the name you chose is still available.
  3. 2. Tell the Oregon Secretary of State about your new business name.

Step 1: Check the name.

If you want to use an Oregon Assumed Business Name, check if anyone else is using the same name. It must be unique so your application can be accepted. It is important to make your business have a unique name so it is different from other businesses. This way, people can find you and not get confused with other companies that might have the same name. An Oregon Assumed Business Name will help make sure your business has a special name.

Check that the business name you want is not being used already. Also, make sure it has never been used before. If it has been used before, it may not be very special. It could mean that the people who had this name before were not successful.

  • When you want to pick a name for your business, you need to do two searches online. First, check the Oregon Online Database to make sure the name is not already taken. Then check the US Patent and Trademark System to make sure nobody has trademarked that name.
  • Look to see if your business name is available on the internet with a .com ending. Even if you don’t want to make a website, buy it so that no one else can use it. It only costs about $10 with Namecheap, so it’s very cheap and will help protect your business name.

Step 2: To name your business in Oregon, make sure no one else is using the same name. Then fill out a form and pay $50. Have these things ready:

  1. The name of the business you want.
  2. Your full name, address and phone number.
  3. The address and phone number for the business.
  4. A description of what your business does.

In Oregon, “DBA” means “Doing Business As”. It is a special name you can use for your business. It costs $50 to register one. You have to register it with the Oregon Secretary of State and it is good for two years from when it was first registered. The IRS does not need to know about your DBA. If you own an LLC, that means you can have more than one DBA, which is also called an Assumed Business Name in Oregon.