What is Ultra Light Startups?

Ultra Light Startups is a community dedicated to helping technology startups grow their businesses and become successful. The community is built around monthly startup-investor pitch events in New York and Boston. At these events, about 8-10 startups pitch to a panel of early stage technology investors, who give advice and feedback. Events draw an audience from across the technology startup ecosystem (investors, founders, service providers, representatives from innovative large companies/brands, and aspiring entrepreneurs). Ultra Light Startups is the #1 startup-investor pitch event in New York and Boston.  It is the best place to discover new startups and to get discovered.

Here’s a video from when the BBC filmed an event in 2009. It gives a good flavor of the community in its early days.

What are Ultra Light Startups events like?

Ultra Light Startups events are held monthly, usually on the second Thursday of the month.  The format includes startup pitches, networking, and a panel discussion on a topic of interest to startup entrepreneurs.

In New York, we typically have ~150-250 attendees.  In Boston it’s around ~150.

To find out more about our next event, check the Ultra Light Startups website, our email newsletter, or our groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Meetup (New York, Boston).

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend Ultra Light Startups events.  There are a few restrictions on who can pitch at Ultra Light Startups events.

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