What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

If you are looking for a basic understanding of consumer services and the companies involved then you are at the right place as we will help you out till the very end.

To begin with, as opposed to tangible products like clothes, cars, and furniture, that can be touched, consumer services are intangible facilities provided by companies to individual people rather than businesses.

Let’s take some examples to clarify the concept. A salon providing massage, haircut, and nail art services, a company providing transportation facilities, and streaming entertainment platforms are all consumer services that can be purchased and enjoyed but not perceived by touch.

What Types of Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

Travel agencies, educational institutions, insurance, and healthcare organizations are some of the companies involved in providing consumer services.

In general, all these companies fall into three broad categories according to the facilities they sell i.e.

1. Communication Companies (Supply all sources of communication)
2. Transportation Companies (help transport people and their goods)
3. Utility Companies (Provide basic services like water and electricity for people to live)

These organizations range from small-scale businesses to big-scale industries and corporations providing services without which customers would face a lot of difficulty in their everyday life.

10 Best Companies That Are Working in Consumer Services

1. Hospitality Companies

Hospitality Companies
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Hospitality companies include hotels, restaurants, bars, amusement parks, and casinos. These companies focus mainly on providing their clients with services of lodging, eating and drinking, entertainment, recreation, and transportation to the next destination.

Their top priority is to make their consumers feel welcome and comfortable.

Walt Disney World Resort, AirBnB, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, Marriott International, and Hilton Hotels are among the top hospitality companies worldwide.

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2. Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies
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Humans of today understand the risk of financial crises. That is the very reason for getting their precious things insured like cars, jewelry, homes, appliances, and even their life.

This need has led to the development of insurance companies providing consumer services by providing protection against unexpected financial losses and possible emergencies in the future.

Ping an Insurance, Allianz, China Life Insurance, AXA, and United Health Group as some examples of insurance companies that make their customers feel safe at any cost.

3. Finance Companies

Finance Companies
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Finance companies provide their customers with loans and investments to start a business or meet their needs like buying a house or paying for a wedding. In return, these companies charge an interest rate that is usually higher than that imposed by banks.

Enabling consumers to meet their needs in the very present is the main objective of these organizations with the benefit of getting profit in return.

Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Nippon Life, Citi Group, and ICBC are working round the clock to support their clients, especially those whom banks do not entertain.

4. Banks

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In contrast to finance companies giving out loans, banks provide additional consumer services like secure money deposits, handling transactions, coming up with saving plans, and debit/credit cards.

In short, banks provide their clients with life-long wealth and risk management, benefiting from interest rates and service fees in return.

The Bank of Nova Scotia, Agricultural Bank of China Limited, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and UBS AG are some top-class international banks well-known for their financial services.

5. Travel/Transport Companies

Transport Companies
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Travel companies play an important part in the consumer services field. They involve the transportation of people, their goods, and animals in the most efficient and comfortable ways possible.

Apart from that these agencies also provide facilities of stay, food, travel guides and assistance, and even cruise tours at the cheapest rates with the objective of securing as many clients as possible.

Expedia Group, Flight Center, Fareportal, Scott travel, Pets Oasis, and Airpets are among the best travel/transport companies globally.

6. Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry
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As mentioned earlier, the beauty industry provides a huge number of services to its clients including haircuts, hair colors, facials and massages, nail treatments, waxing, and so on.

Apart from hair, skin, and nails, beauty companies also provide various products to develop a compassionate relationship with their customers.

Beauty First Spa, Yves Rocher Cooperation, L’Oréal, Unilever, and P&G are the leading beauty companies providing the highest consumer services.

7. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry
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Apart from providing medical drugs and devices, healthcare companies provide facilities like health insurance and transportation to the best hospitals and clinics along with the assistance of financial controllers, scheduling specialists, and paid holidays.

Patient safety, quality of life, and reduced healthcare costs are the primary objectives of these companies.
CVS Health Corp., Cardinal Health Inc., Johnson & Johnson, and Anthem Inc. are some of the most reliable healthcare companies.

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8. Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry
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The entertainment industry is so widespread it is impossible to cover it in one sitting. The companies involved provide recreation to their consumers in the form of television broadcasts, theater, cinema, music, films, drama, and other artistic performances.

Financial regulations, live broadcasts, and delivering the latest updates are some other facilities that customers can enjoy.

Who doesn’t know about Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, The Walt Disney Co., and Nintendo Co.? All these are entertainment companies working in the consumer services field.

9. Content Writing and Web Designing Companies

Web Designing Companies
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As a result of the Corona pandemic and global lockdowns online businesses and services have become quite popular. Many companies have emerged, like those providing web designing facilities, to help other firms establish their websites, stay at the highest rank, catch more clients, grow their business, and get paid in return.

Content writing services are also at their peak these days where reader-friendly articles are produced and sold to the target audience.

Fiverr, Upwork Inc., ContentGrow, Top Notch Dezigns, and Kobe Digital are helping other companies to thrive day by day.

10. Education and Training Institutes

Training Institutes
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From getting a degree to mastering any skill you are dependent on education and training institutes making them the biggest consumer service companies in the entire world.

The concept is simple. These institutes are paid and provide education, training, diploma, or experience in return making a student the consumer and a teacher the service provider.

John Hopkins University, Harvard University, University of Oxford, Hawk International, and PetroSkills are among the leading educational institutes in the world.

How to Get a Job in Companies That Are Working in Consumer Services Fields?

Consumer Services’ is a wide field with plenty of jobs and opportunities available for anyone with the right set of skills. But a vast scope does not mean you’ll face no competition at all. You need to stand out from others in this regard.

Don’t worry as we have brought the best tips and tricks to secure a job in companies working in the consumer services field.

1. Understanding the Profession and Field

Although all the companies mentioned above come under the umbrella of consumer services each sector has its pros and cons. Keep in mind to study the profession and field you are planning to enter thoroughly and see whether it matches your career goals and capabilities or not. This is the first and most important step that will decide your entire professional journey.

2. Education and Skills

Education and Skills

After setting your career and relevant field goals, it is time to pursue the right kind of education and skills. Join an appropriate institute or training organization and get your degree on time while polishing your skills all along.

Remember that you need to be excellent in customer dealings, sales enhancements, and communication or things won’t work.

3. Training and Experience

Training and Experience
Source: maryville.edu

A degree is incomplete unless you go out there and get some experience and additional training. If you don’t tackle real-life problems you will not be able to satisfy your clients and authorities. Join a customer services company as an intern, develop your computer skills apart from your hard and soft skills, and listen to your customers first!

4. Impressive Resume

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Having it all done, next comes the step of writing an impressive resume. This piece of paper will decide whether you reach the interview stage or not. So keep it concise and compelling.

Prove how your presence will benefit the company. Mention all skills to match the organization’s objectives and hire a professional if you are doubtful about your CV and cover letter. No risks allowed!

5. Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation
Source: er.educause.edu

Lastly, practice for the interview in advance. Work on your confidence and speaking skills, prepare answers for potential questions, and go through the background of the company.

Focus on the position you have applied for along with associated duties and work on your time management, problem-solving and organizational skills. If possible, ask a friend to conduct your interview!

To sum up, we hope you have developed a good understanding of the consumer services field, the best companies working in it, and their types after reading the article.

If you are thinking of joining this sector the tips mentioned above will come in handy too. Being able to gratify your clients and help the company flourish will give you satisfaction along with an attractive salary. Best of luck!

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