65 Small Business Ideas In Pakistan That You Can Start Right Now 2022


Are you trying to figure out the best small business ideas that can work well in Pakistan? Chances are that you are not the one with this concern. There are many people seeking small business ideas in Pakistan with low risk and high investment opportunities.

After all, the economy of Pakistan has for a long time been unpredictable and thus, most people are looking for ways to continue earning an income despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. In this article, we shall take a closer look at some of the tips that can help you start the most profitable business in Pakistan as well as unique business ideas that can work well in Pakistan so that you can know them better.

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Tips To Start A Small Business In Pakistan

Like we mentioned, you can now go ahead and start a small business in Pakistan. However, for you to get started, here are some vital tips that can help you stand out from your peers:

  • Ensure that you look for reliable business partners or team members
  • Ensure that you do a proper business planning
  • Keep an eye on the current market trends in Pakistan
  • Do some feasibility test on the profitability of the business you intend to start
  • Ensure that you choose a business that has a relatively lower risk and start with a small investment.

What Are Some Of The Best Small Business Ideas In Pakistan?

Since you already know vital tips that can help you start a small business in Pakistan, time is ripe for you to know some of the ideas that will not disappoint. These include the following:

1. Freelance Business In Pakistan

Freelance Business

Freelancing has proved to be one of the best online business in Pakistan. This is because Europeans and Americans normally hire Asian freelancers to work for them. From blog posts to assignments, there are many things you can work on as a freelancer. If you are able to do a good job, you will get referrals every now and then and thus earn more money.

2. Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

With the proliferation of online business in the market, the demand for fresh content is on the rise. Business owners who own these sites need new content nearly on a daily basis. If you are good at English, you can go ahead and create content for these sites and earn an income.

3. Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services

Since the number of graduates leaving different colleges and universities are on the rise, there is a need for them to market themselves and look appealing to their potential employers. This is the reason why a huge number of Pakistan graduates are always looking for resume services. If you are good at offering these services, you can offer them at a fee and earn a dime.

4. Offer SEO Services

Offer SEO Services

It is no secret that most businesses would like to feature on the first page of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. However, this is not the case as some of them hardly appear there. To remain competitive, most businesses in Pakistan are now investing heavily in SEO. If you are a SEO expert, you can offer your services to a number of business people and earn an income.

5. Offer Tutoring Services

Offer Tutoring

One of the best lucrative small business ideas in Pakistan is teaching. If you are a holder of bachelor or master’s degree, be sure that you can offer these services in any learning institution. All you need to do is to narrow down to your field of specialization and you will be good to go. You can even offer these services on Skype and other online platforms and earn a decent income.

6. Online Virtual Assistant Services

Online Virtual Assistant

If you work as a virtual assistant you will be a self-employed person who offers professional services remotely from the comfort of your home. Whether it is creative, technical or administrative services, you can readily offer them from your home. As long as you are skilled IN these areas, you can offer them online and still earn some money.

7. Offer Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another lucrative business that has proved to be very effective in Pakistan. Here, you will have an opportunity to promote a number of products such as shoes, clothes, utensils, beddings and so forth and earn an income for the items bought. You can narrow down to the items that you are good at promoting and then specialize in them. If you do a good job, you will earn more commission at the end of the month or week.

8. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

You can now start a YouTube channel and offer a wide range of services there. From counselling to creative art, there are a number of things you can do on YouTube. At first, you should know what your clients want and then venture into it. Whether it is comedy or music, there is a lot of content that you can upload on this platform and get an income for the number of views you have on a particular content.

9. Offer Catering Services

Offer Catering Services

Family functions will always be there during the weekends. Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding, there are many ceremonies that take place during weekends in Pakistan. Besides this, companies normally have business dinners every now and then. If you are good at offering catering services, you can go ahead and offer them to these entities. Since these occasions keep on recurring, the need for catering services is indispensable.
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10. Offer Web Development

Offer Web Development

Since every business wants to increase its online visibility, the need for web development services is on the rise. Here, you can create websites for different businesses. Also, you can offer customization services to the already created websites. Besides this, offer software development and maintenance services. Since this area needs an expert, you just need to get the necessary skills, competencies and experience and you will be good to go.

11. Offer Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

First impressions matter a lot. This is the reason why business people in Pakistan normally invest more on graphic design services. If you are a professional in this field, you can readily offer your services at a reasonable fee. From the creation of logos to business cards, there are a plethora of items that you can create for these business people and make a living from it.

12. Open A Coffee Shop

Open A Coffee Shop

Coffee shop industry has grown over the years. As we speak, most people normally visit coffee shops to have some coffee dates and even make deals at these premises. In fact, other people treat coffee shops as a home away from their actual homes. Here, they are able to meet with friends, catch up and exchange pleasantries. If you have a small capital, you can start one and earn an income daily.

13. Editorial Services

Editorial Services

Currently, there are a myriad of websites that have been created in Pakistan. These sites always need fresh content to be uploaded and published every now and then. However, before this content is published, there is a need for it to be reviewed by editors and edited. This will go a long way in removing any errors that might have been made by different writers out there.

If you are looking for a way on how to earn money in Pakistan, you can take this opportunity and offer these services at a budget-friendly price. Since you will be offering a service to many customers, chances of earning more income are very high.

14. Craft Business Plans

Craft Business Plans

Business startups need to have a good roadmap that will outline the strategies that will enable them to achieve these set goals and objectives. This is the reason why you need to create a business plan to cater for such needs.

However, most business people hardly know how to create business plans. If you are an expert in this field, you can take advantage of that and offer these services at a fee. You can start with a small group of people and thereafter increase your clientele as time goes by.

15. Start A kid’s Clothing Store

Start A kid’s Clothing Store small business ideas in Pakistan

Pakistan has witnessed a rise in the number of kids being born year-in year-out. This means that the young generation population is on the rise. If you want to shop clothes for your loved ones, you may not even get the kind you want. This is because the few that are there usually get bought promptly.

To deal with this shortage, you can start a kid’s clothing store and sell them at a reasonable price. Since many parents are always looking for clothes to buy for their kids, be sure that you will make more sales in your business and thus earn more profits.

Other Small Business Ideas That You Can Conduct In Pakistan

Apart from the above-mentioned business ideas, here are other small business ideas that can help you earn an income in Pakistan:

16. Offer Blogging Services

Offer Blogging Services small business ideas in Pakistan

Although most people blog as a hobby, you can earn an income from blogging in Pakistan. As we speak, there are a number of Pakistan bloggers who are earning a lot of money through blogging. Whether you want to write fashion blogs or health and fitness blogs, be sure that you will earn an income from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to get a computer or laptop and then polish up your writing skills. Once you are done, you can kickstart your blogging career.

17. Consider Podcasting

Consider Podcasting small business ideas in Pakistan

Simply put, podcasting refers to the process of creating and uploading different audio files online. Here, you need to create a website or even a blog where you can be uploading a number of audio files on a daily basis. From business to technology, there are many topics that you can podcast about.

As long as your topic is interesting, be sure that you can leverage it in this field and earn an income. In fact, sponsors are always looking for podcasters so that they can help them market their products and services online. You can take advantage of this and make a living from it.

18. Offer Online Courses For Elearning

Offer Online Courses For Elearning small business ideas in Pakistan

Most learners in Pakistan have appreciated eLearning due to the flexibility that comes with it. Unlike other modes of learning, this one allows you to study from home. As long as you have a computer and a good internet connection, you can learn from home, just like other students in colleges and universities. You can now offer your course online and let your students learn from any corner of the world. The more students enroll in your study program, the higher the chances of earning more income.

19. Offer Online Book Publishing Services

Offer Online Book Publishing Services small business ideas in Pakistan

You can now write a book and sell it on online platforms such as Amazon, eBay and so forth. The good news is that you will be paid for every book purchased on any of these platforms. However, your preferred platform has to deduct some fee as a commission before you get paid.

20. Start Offering Wedding Planning Services

Start Offering Wedding Planning Services small business ideas in Pakistan

The wedding day is one of the most anticipated days in one’s life. Since this day needs to remain memorable for years, it has to be planned well. From the wedding budget to the entertainment and transport services, there are many things that need to be planned adequately. If you are good at offering wedding planning services, you can go ahead and offer these services at a fee in Pakistan.

21. Start A Consultancy Business In Pakistan

Start A Consultancy Business In Pakistan small business ideas in Pakistan

It is no secret that the consultancy business is booming in Pakistan. From financial to tax consultancy services, there are many options you can consider. You can even venture into tender management services, bookkeeping and accounting services, engineering consulting, actuary services, business registration services and so much more. As long as you offer top notch services, be sure that you will get paid for the services rendered.

22. Sell Online T-Shirt Business

Sell Online T-Shirt Business small business ideas in Pakistan

If you are looking for a home-based business that you can do in Pakistan, selling custom T-shirts online should top the list of your priorities. All you need to do is to create a Facebook page and then invite your friends to like and share it with their friends.

Thereafter, you can upload your products and market them on Facebook and other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Besides T-Shirts, you can start selling sunglasses, watches and even jewelry.

23. Start Selling fast foods Such As Fries chips

Start Selling fast foods Such As Fries chips small business ideas in Pakistan

By selling fast foods such as fries-chips, you can be assured that you will earn a handsome income in Pakistan. The good news is that you do not need to break the bank for you to start this business. It is generally a low investment that can help you earn RS 3000 to RS 5000 daily.

Other Small Business Ideas That Need Medium Investment

To start the following businesses, you need to have some capital. Fortunately, you do not have to break the bank as they require medium investment. Some of these ideas include:

24. Open a One dollar shop
25. Sell insurance plans in Pakistan.
26. Start a ridesharing business such as those offering Careem or Uber services.
27. Start a tourism agency in Pakistan and offer travel and tourism planning services to both
local and foreign tourists.
28. Offer event management and coordination services.
29. Start bird farming in Pakistan
30. Start a dairy business
31. Start selling imported handbags and shoes
32. Open a beauty parlor in Pakistan
33. Start selling imported jewelry
34. Start a home based gym
35. Open a hotel in your locality.
36. Start buying and selling luxury cars
37. Start a real estate agency
38. Lease or even rent your rental property
39. Start selling laptops and TVs in Pakistan
40. Start selling mobile phones in Pakistan.
41. Consider agribusiness ideas such as honey farming, organic farming and vegetable farming
42. Start poultry farming at home. In fact, this is a 1 lakh rupees investment business in Pakistan
43. Offer event DJ services in your locality, town or city.
44. Start offering moving services
45. Start selling building and construction materials
46. Be an influencer and offer influencer marketing services.
47. Start sugarcane farming
48. Consider animal farming
49. Venture into the clothing business
50. Start selling ladies garments online.
51. Start a bakery business where you can even sell home baked cakes.
52. Start making furniture and sell them to both locals and online clients.
53. Sell kids toys online.
54. Start offering medical billing services.
55. Be a driving instructor
56. Start offering tailoring services
57. Offer laptop, tablet and smartphone repair services
58. Open a hair salon business
59. Open a barbershop
60. Start offering massaging services.
61. Start offering laundry services
62. Offer car washing services
63. Offer photography services
64. Start offering interior design services
65. Offer cleaning services such as window cleaning and apartment cleaning services.

Can I Do online Jobs In Pakistan At home?

Yes. From freelancing to podcasting there are many online jobs that one can do at home while living in Pakistan. You just need to narrow it down to your field of specialization and then offer your services professionally.

Final Words

In case you are wondering which business is best in Pakistan, the above-mentioned ideas can help you get started. By considering these ideas, you will be able to earn an income and thus sustain your family. Also, these ideas can also help you earn a passive income in case you are already employed. For instance, you can choose to engage in some of these ideas during your free time and earn an extra income. Consider these ideas today and you will make a living out of them.

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