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Matt Carriker Net Worth: Age, Wife and Career Life Story (Updated 2022)

Matt Carriker net worth is a reminder that you can generate enterprises and businesses around social media regardless of your career and talents. The YouTuber has reached millions through his presentation of his veterinarian skills and other areas of life.

His YouTube career started with his lifestyle vlog, OffTheRanch. Later on, he ventured into more technical stuff of his career and some fun videos about his interest in guns with his channel DemolitionRanch.

Other than YouTube, the artist is also popular on other social media channels out of which his activity on Instagram is most notable.

Real Name Mathew Lee Carriker
Known As  Matt Carriker
Date of Birth October 21, 1986
Parents Name Lee
Gender Male
Current Age 35 years
Citizenship American
Educational Institutions Texas A&M University
Marital Status Married
Spouse Meredith Carriker
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 6’
Weight 178.5 pounds
Children 3
Siblings 3
Source of Wealth YouTube channels, a business venture, and veterinarian practice

Who is Matt Carriker?

Matt started his first channel when he was still a student in 2007. Within a year after starting the channel, he got his license from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.

YouTuber’s veterinarian career includes his clinic that he bought from his father who is also a vet. Also, he runs a Vet Ranch which is a non-profit organization that helps homeless animals.

The organization takes funding from the profits of Matt’s YouTube channel of the same name – VetRanch.

Other than these two channels, Matt manages another – quite irrelevant – channel. But it’s not irrelevant for Matt who seems interested in guns and armors. He started DemolitionRanch in 2011 and it reviews different firearms and studies the impact of various ammunition on different objects.

Matt Carriker Fun Facts

  • Matt Carriker owns more than 150 guns.
  • He has also played a role in the 2020 film – Strain 100.
  • The vet bought his clinic from his father.
  • Matt calls himself King of Demolitia because of his deep interest in
  • firearms and the physics surrounding them.

What is Matt Carriker’s Age and Birthday?

Matt Carriker was born on October 21, 1986, to Lee in Boerne, Texas. The celebrity keeps his parents’ information mostly under the wraps. In 2021, he is 35 years old.

What Is Matt Carriker’s Height And Weight?

He is feet tall and weighs 178 lbs.

How Does Matt Carriker Reach $5 Million In 2021?

Matt’s three YouTube channels make the major portion of this asset base. The YouTuber uses two out of these three channels for wealth generation purposes. VetRanch, however, doesn’t serve the financial success of the celebrity. Profits from this channel go to his not-for-profit organization – Vet Ranch.

Out of the two channels that the celebrity maintains as personal assets, DemolitionRanch is a controversial one. This channel uses guns and weapons as the primary theme and can showcase ruthlessness. Consequently, YouTube once demonetized this channel.

All of the three channels of the YouTuber have amassed millions of followers and generate around $1.5 million for him yearly. Most of his videos have more than a million views and have earned thousands of dollars in revenue.

It is not widely known but the veterinarian-come-actor also runs a branding business. He manages Bunker Branding Co. that sells stuff from social media influencers.

In short, his ventures including DemolitionRanch, OffTheRanch, family clinic, and Bunker Branding make all the pieces of his net worth.

Is Matt Carriker Married?

Matt Carriker married soon after starting his YouTube Channels. The celebrity married Meredith Carriker in 2008 and the pair has three children.

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