Martie Allen Net Worth: Age Partner And Career Life Story (2022)

Martie Allen is best known as the spouse of former actress and comedian McNichols. She performed only in a few series before retiring from acting.

Many of us know that Martie Allen is the spouse of the much-loved, former American actress and comedian, Kristy McNichols. But not all of us know that she is also a television personality.

After a few small roles, MArtie Allen chose to switch to teaching. She is known for her relationship with her spouse.

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Who is Martie Allen?

Who is Martie Allen Net Worth

59-year-old Martie Allen is no stranger to the screen. But her roles were small and she never made it to stardom.

Although her short-lived career didn’t bring her much attention, she came into the spotlight because of her relationship with Kristy McNichols.

Her partner was a child actress who started her career at the early age of 16 years. She made her first appearance in 1975 in a TV series Starsky and Hutch as a guest.

The couple announced their connection in 2012 but their affair started long before that year. In fact, in a 2012 statement, the couple claimed that they had been together for the last two decades.

The actresses aren’t much active on social media and their personal lives remain under folds. Yet, because they came out early and have a standing in the TV industry, they are counted among the most famous LGBT couples in the industry.

Here are some facts about the former actor Martie Allen who has now taken teaching as her career.

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Early Life and Education

Martie was born on January 1, 1960, in America. We cannot know her place of birth as she has always kept her private life under the wraps. The same is true for her information about her early life and education.

The first thing that we know about her is her participation in Starsky & Hutch in 1975 – a TV series that consisted of a 70-minute movie and 92 episodes each of which was 50 minutes long.

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The actor didn’t star in many shows or movies. Most of her roles remained small. But her partner made lasting contributions to the entertainment industry. The latter started her career as a child star and played her roles in various TV series. Her first role was in the comedy series Love, American Style that aired from 1969 to 1974.

This and her subsequent guest role in Starsky & Hutch allowed her to gain attention for major bigger roles. 1976 proved to be her best year as it landed her a role in the TV series Family. In the series, she played Letitia and brought home two Emmy awards for this role.

We can say that this role boosted her career and she soon became one of the most sought-after actresses of her time.

Martie’s relationship with her started much later.

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Coming Out

Coming Out

The couple claims that they fell in love in the early 1990s.

Although Martie never attracted much public scrutiny, things were different for Kristy. From her teen years, she was observed by the media for her sexuality. There were speculations about her romantic relationships.

Being a private couple and because of the public disapproval for LGBT couples, the two actresses kept their relationship secret until 2012.

In 2012, Kristy came out and told the media about their romantic relationship. But the renowned actress didn’t disclose the identity of her partner.

She stated that she wanted to be open about her sexuality and her personality. This need has prompted her to be more upfront about her preferences.

She also maintained that she wanted her claim to pave the way for youngsters to be more upfront about their choices.

We can assume that her claim came forward because she was feeling under pressure to hide her choices. In fact, she also claimed that she had to leave acting in 2001 only because of this pressure.

This social pressure also prompted her breakdown on a couple of occasions. She hoped that this revelation could help her be herself again.

Her statement only gave away the fact that she is happily living with her partner for the last two decades. It was the efforts of the media that allowed us to know that Martie Allen was her partner.

These days, the couple focuses on their personal happiness and has decided to stay out of the limelight. They enjoy similar hobbies making it easy for them to bond together.

They reside in Los Angeles. Martie has taken up teaching as her profession and Kristy runs a charity as well as teaching at a private school.

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Martie Allen Net Worth

Martie Allen mostly stayed low-key and after playing a few roles in some series, she switched careers to join teaching. Because of her willingness to keep her life private, she hasn’t shared much information about her net worth.

But we know that her partner Kristy McNichols has a net worth of $7 million.

They have also kept information about other family members private to themselves so we don’t know if the couple has adopted any child or not.

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