Is Peru Becoming Ungovernable? Experts Fear Peru’s Democracy Is Falling Apart


Experts fear that Peru’s democracy is on the verge of collapse. What is happening in Peru? Is Peru becoming ungovernable country? Let’s read all about it

“Morally incapable!” This is the term that is being used to accuse the current Peruvian president, Pedro Castillo.
It has been just one year since Pedro took the president’s office on the 28h of July 2021, and he has already faced an impeachment vote.

Why? Because of the instability in his federal cabinet. So, the brief answer to the question, “Is Peru becoming ungovernable?” is Yes, because of Pedro Castillo’s incapability.

You’ll be surprised to know that in just eight months of his government, Pedro Castillo has appointed 46 different ministers.

Just for reference, in 250+ years of the US democracy, there have only been 46 presidents, with Joe Biden being the current 46th.

What Is Happening In Peru?

Instability in the federal cabinet is among the top issues that Peru is facing currently, and this political turmoil has led to foreign investors losing patience in Peruvian markets.

In the Castillo government, there have been four prime ministers, two finance ministers, and three foreign ministers since July 2021, and four prime ministers directly mean four different cabinets.

Experts are also saying that the word “ungovernable” doesn’t justify the intensity of the current situation in the country. They believe Peru has become “dysfunctional.”

Instead of focusing on the nation’s economy and prosperity, the president and the congress are engaged in a tug-of-war for power.

The resigning and sacking of Pedro Castillo’s ministers have also become a table talk, as his third prime minister (who lasted for only four days in office) was forced to resign because he allegedly beat his daughter so much that she went to the police.

Pedro’s first foreign minister (who only stayed in office for 19 days) also resigned after allegedly finding out that a terrorist group, Shining Path, had links with the CIA.

And his finance minister was removed from office in just a week because an adjudicator claimed/announced that he was unfit for the job.

The point of telling you all this is that you can get a grasp of the country’s current situation and why Peru is being termed “ungovernable.”

Pedro Castillo’s Impeachments:

Pedro Castillo's Impeachments

It’s true that just over a year ago, in 2021, during the general elections, Pedro Castillo was among the most famous political leaders in the nation.

And like every politician, he also had a chilling and interesting campaign message, “No extra poor folks in a wealthy nation.”

The irony is that the same “wealthy nation,” he once referred to in his campaign has become a political battleground between the government and the opposition.

Because of this, the ratings of the current president have dropped drastically, which led to Pedro Castillo’s first impeachment vote on the 20th of November 2021.

Surprisingly, he survived the impeachment vote, despite being pretty unpopular among the masses. The impeachment motion was rejected after getting only 43 votes out of the 87 votes required to remove a president.

Once again, after just four months, a second impeachment motion was brought to the house on the 28th of March, 2022. The opposition was looking ready this time.

However, what the opposition had expected the least this time, actually came to pass. Pedro Castillo once again survived a second impeachment process.

Fifty-five congress members voted to remove the president, 54 voted against the motion, and 19 members did not vote for either.

Again, the opposition couldn’t get 87 votes in the impeachment’s favor. Alas, the motion was rejected.
In just the first eight months as president, Pedro Castillo has faced and, of course, survived two impeachment attempts.


How Is This Political Turmoil Affecting Peru’s Economy?

The constant changes that are being made in the country’s top offices have led to Peru’s bonds slipping as investors are pulling out of the country’s stock markets.

Due to this, inflation in the country is skyrocketing, fuel and food prices are touching the sky, and apparently, Pedro Castillo’s government has no solution in mind for this.

Is Peru A Democracy Or A Dictatorship?

Peru, on paper, is a democracy, indeed. However, the current political uncertainty is leading to the demise of Peru’s democratic system. “A breaking point in Peru’s democracy,” experts are calling it.

Is There Conflict In Peru?

Yes. The political turmoil isn’t the only conflict that haunts Peruvians at night; there is another, a more dangerous and deadly one. Earlier, I mentioned Shining Path, which allegedly had links with the CIA.

The Shining Path and the Peruvian government have been engaged in a deadly conflict since the 1980s. More than 70,000 lives have been lost (including the Peruvian Army, the terrorists, and civilians). It is believed to be the bloodiest conflict in Peruvian history.


Peru needs a competent government now more than ever. It’s the only way in sight that the country can be saved.

All of the above-mentioned conflicts, insurgencies, political uncertainties, and other issues have made Peru an ungovernable country/state.

How do you think Peru can overcome these problems? Let us know in the comments. PEACE!

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