How to Make Quick Money in One Day

How to make quick money in one day? Here are 47 solutions to fulfill short-term and long-term cash needs.
How to make quick money in one day!

You keep asking this question.

Your mortgage payment is due this week. Your car broke down. And your credit card payment is approaching fast. And your debit card was declined on your recent Target trip.

And you keep asking this question.

It’s an understatement to say that you are desperately in need of cash. If that was not enough, the economy isn’t helping either.

What can you do to rescue this hard-pressed situation?

This question keeps repeating itself in your mind.

Before you think that you are hoping for the impossible to happen, read this post. You will be surprised to know that earning cash is easy and quick. And yes, you can earn handsome cash within a day.

Depending on your needs, you should look for those sources that allow cash out in one day. And that’s possible.

Stop beating yourself for not reaching your earning goal for the day and use this extensive list to find new hustles to adopt and earn some quick bucks.

Let’s start.

What You Should Avoid

When you are desperate, it’s easy to be tempted with some easy fixes. Don’t take cash advances from your credit card. The interest rates are high and you don’t want to tarnish your credit score by messing up with late payments.

Don’t delay the bills. So, the due date is approaching and you aren’t feeling up to finding the right opportunities to come up with an adequate amount of cash. What do you do instead?

Should you delay the payment? Of course, not! The penalty for doing so is too high to ignore. Most services surcharge for late payments and in some cases this late payment reflects in your credit history.

Avoid taking payday loans at all costs. Again, the interest rates with these services are high. But that’s not the only reason you would want to refrain from getting them. These services are addictive.

If you get them once, the ease of processing will prompt you to keep taking them again and again, making you lose track of your budget in the long run.

Here are a few ways to cover the deficit in one day, instead!

How to Make Quick Money In One Day

You can sell your time to earn money. But one day has only a maximum of 12 workable hours on the day when you are feeling most productive and don’t have to go to your day job. This number caps the amount you can earn from selling your time on a given day.

Another way is to sell your possessions – tangible and intellectual – to earn quick cash.

We shall discuss all these options starting with how you can sell your time

Hustles to Earn Extra Cash Fast

1. Be a Handyman

Be a Handyman

One of the quickest ways to earn cash is to offer services that are in high demand. Search for those gigs that are needed by every other person. You may not get much help if you offer specialized services when you need quick cash.

So, offer a wide array of services. But don’t let go of capitalizing on your learned skills.

As a handyman, you will not limit your offerings to one type of work around the house. Instead, you will be working on plumbing, moving furniture, setting up fitness and other equipment, and other maintenance works.

If a specialized service is being offered in your niche, now is the time to demand top dollars.

2. Run Errands

Run Errands

This is another niche where the market is dominated by households and individuals. What does this mean?

You’ve got a bigger customer pool to market your services to. And the chances of you getting the work are high if you know where to look for the work.

Instacart Shopper is a platform that connects households to you as an errand guy. Your compensation depends on the type and number of items you pick and deliver for the customer. And the app doesn’t get a share for the tip you receive from these people. You can earn up to $20 an hour from this gig.

3. Sit Pets

Sit Pets

Do you love animals? Do you have a cat or a dog at home? Are you their man? If you love animals and are involved in caring for them at your home, you must know a thing or two about their psychology and needs.

Use this understanding to help families with their pet sitting needs. You can offer to take the dog on a walk, accompany them when they are alone at home, play with them, or teach them some tricks or games.

Start your hustle by searching a relevant site. Or you may just start with Rover. Note that the site often also offers gigs for house sitting.

4. Offer House Sitting Services

Offer House Sitting Services

If you are comfortable with different animals from small to large, you may want to do pet sitting at their homes. This way, you can charge a premium because you are giving two services together.

Note that on top of caring for pets, in house-sitting, you are also required to take care of the house. It will also include caring for the plants and presenting the house as occupied to prevent vandalizing of the property when its owner is away.

Again, Rover is the site to start your search for house-sitting gigs. You can earn between $15 and $25 an hour from house sitting.

5. Care for House

Care for House

So, you think you can take care of a house with diligence and care. Market these skills and get paid.

This service is different from the previous one that required you to house-sit in the absence of the homeowner.

You will perform small maintenance and cleaning tasks around the house in their presence or at least when they are present in the town.

You can start by setting up your account at or Thumbtack. The first of these requires those hustlers who know about taking care of the plants.

6. Care For Plants

Care for Plants

If you are good with plants, there are people in your neighborhood that need help with taking care of their green friends. Again, is the best platform to start your client search.

7. Offer Babysitting Services

Babysitting Services

Do you understand kids? Do you enjoy their company?

If yes, you can become an in-demand babysitter. If you find the right, long-term clients, improve your compensation and reach with the right certificates and specializations.

But for now, earn up to $20 per hour offering your babysitting services to families having up to two children. Use Care and UrbanSitter to get the gigs.

8. Deliver Food

Deliver Food

Work during rush hours and earn a living. Or maybe just supplement your income with this hustle.

A few names that should get you started on this gig include DoorDash and Uber Eats. Indeed claims that an average delivery driver earns around $15 per hour from this service.

9. Drive for Ride-Sharing Services

Drive for Ride-Sharing Services

Drive for Uber or Lyft and earn a handsome amount in your spare time. You may want to rethink your schedule if you want to earn top dollars in this hustle. Most of the business happens at rush hours when people are getting to and off work.

If you can help them with their commute during those peak hours, expect to earn cash quickly. Other factors that influence the rates of these rides include location, duration, and distance involved in the services.



Are you wondering how to make quick money in one day online? Start tutoring.

Tutoring is most luxurious for science and math lovers. You may still find attractive gigs if your specialties lie in arts and crafts but you will have to search more extensively to get those jobs.

Get an account on Tutor or Smarthinking and let the pool of students know about your talents.

11. Detail Cars

Detail Cars

Use your passion for cars to your advantage. Offer your car wash and detailing services on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace and attract people from a huge pool of car owners.

12. Perform as an Extra

Perform as an Extra

It’s a manifestation of a dream for those who wanted to grow up to become actors or anchors – or other similar performers. This gig is not going to make you an overnight star but you will surely get your minute of fame – and some cash.

And no, you will not have to travel to Los Angeles to earn from your art. Find opportunities in your hometown with apps like Central Casting and Backstage.

13. Offer Help with Moving

Offer Help with Moving

Moving is a tough job and people need help when they move from one place to another. Be that help and earn cash. You will find relevant gigs at sites like Dolly and TruckPlease.

14. Guide Trips and Tours

Guide Trips and Tours

If you live near a highly sought after travel destination and this is the season for the influx of tours in that area, capitalize on this opportunity.

You can earn up to $25 an hour. Offer great experience and you may earn enough tips to replace your regular income.

15. Monetize Technical Skills

Monetize Technical Skills

The best thing about technical skills – like coding, programming, and UI/UX development is that the customer pool isn’t restricted to your area. Instead, you can offer services to businesses located anywhere in the world.

If these are your skills, you should use them for more than just earning quick cash for a day. Build your personal brand and start getting a high hourly rate for your efforts.

16. Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

Help digital businesses with their organizing and communication needs. These businesses usually need you to manage their social media for them, arrange emails and respond on their behalf, schedule their appointments accordingly, and offer customer care services.

Tasks can range between temporary work and long-term commitment and the compensation makes it lucrative allowing you the option of turning it into a full-time job.

Earn up to $50 per hour from this gig and find clients from Facebook and LinkedIn marketing. You can also use freelancing platforms like Upwork and Guru.

17. Photograph


Do you live in a picturesque area? Or do you just like to photograph ordinary things from an extraordinary angle?

If you love playing with colors and lights and can manipulate them to suit – or build – the mood, you should start selling your photography talent.

Click that scene and sell it through Shutterstock and Getty Images. Or take it more professionally and offer your services to media outlets to hire.

18. Pre-sell Your Services

Pre-sell Your Services

One of the cool ways to earn quick cash without falling into the time-is-money trope is to pre-sell your services.

This method will work best if you have a marketable skill that is well-known among your network of clients and potential buyers.

When you are short of cash, you can simply ask these people to offer a cash advance against next week’s or next month’s services. If you are a valuable resource for them, they will happily lock in your availability with a cash advance.

Sell Your Possessions to Earn Cash

You may have limited hours in a day to earn money. But if you look at your house closely, you will find that you have plenty of items to sell for money. Use these options to start your search.

19. Sell Your Clothes

Sell Your Clothes

Now is the age of fast fashion. Do you agree with this statement? If not, you are not alone. There are many people out there who value quality clothes.

But these clothes cost a fortune and not every other outfit can come from a boutique that fitted the outfit specifically for you.

You can share your collection with others – or should I say sell it to them. If you are redoing your wardrobe, consider selling the pieces you don’t wear anymore. Use ThredUp or Tradesy to gain traction for your items.

20. Sell Furniture

Sell Furniture

Sometimes, times are trying and you don’t have many options but to sell your valuable possessions. At other times, you only want to get rid of extra furniture to make room for that new accent piece you wanted to bring for ages.

Use these sales as an opportunity to earn cash. You will get reasonable prices for your items at Letgo and Chairish.

21. Sell Books

Sell Books

You have extra course books from the last semester at college. Or you have read every Hunger Games novel and now you are ready to move past it.

Getting these books to those readers who want to build a collection but want to get second-hand books to save money is the surefire way to say goodbye to the obsession. And you may earn top dollars by selling first edition copies of certain titles.

A few apps that will allow you to earn cash for your old books are Decluttr, Amazon’s trade-in program, and Bookscouter.

22. Sell Electronics

Sell Electronics

Before you sell a piece of electronics from your home, ensure that you wouldn’t need it in the future. Now, think of all the gadgets, laptops, and smartphones you have lying around at your home that you have already replaced with other gadgets.

They can get you some serious cash. Apple GiveBack and ecoATM are a few apps that will help you sell your gadget.

23. Sell Your Crafts

Sell Your Crafts

You might have considered all the belongings that may earn you instant cash and are disposable for you except your artwork. Don’t underestimate it. If you are working on your craft as a hobby for a long time, chances are that it will be marketable.

Find your best clients at Etsy and earn money and confidence.

24. Sell Gift Cards

Sell Gift Cards

You might have received gift cards for your birthdays or Christmas parties. Did you know that you could earn up to 92% of their face value? A few sites that will help you cash your gift card include GiftDeals, CardCash, and Cardsell.

25. Have Yard Sale

Have Yard Sale

You may want to sell more than one piece of furniture or one book to raise that much-needed money. If you have multiple items, consider hosting a yard sale.

Pro tip: Make sure to check for relevant permits before holding the event if you want to avoid getting fined.
Also, hold the sale on the weekend when more people are available to check out your offerings.

26. Flip Free Stuff

Flip Free Stuff

But you may not have many items at your home or workstation that you wouldn’t use. So, what should you sell?

Luckily, you still have options. And the biggest one of these is to flip free stuff from other people. Search for free items on Craigslist or check out your neighborhood to find items that have been left on the roadside with ‘free’ as the defining label.

Most of these items will need some level of restoration before you can sell them at a reasonable rate.

Sell Your Opinion

So, we have talked about all the tangible assets you can sell to raise money. Who knew your intellectual assets are just as valuable as your tangible assets. So, go ahead and get paid for your opinion.

27. Participate in Research Studies

Participate in Research Studies

This should be applicable to common folks. Search for research studies being conducted in your area. These will be initiated by NIH Clinic Center and the Institute of Translational Health Sciences.

Check participation sections on their websites to know if a study is available for you to participate in.

28. Read Books

Read Books

Your opinion matters! It matters, even more, when you have an eye for detail and are a passionate reader. If you think you love books and you can tell a good book from a bad one, the world wants to hear from you. Join book reviewing sites like Kirkus and Online Book Club and get paid for reading – and writing a review on that reading.

29. Complete Surveys

Complete Surveys

There are lots of legit survey sites that pay you for your opinion. They collect consumer market insights for large corporations allowing them to up their game. At the same time, they pay you for your time filling out these surveys.

You will find that the pay isn’t much but you can earn quick cash initially as signup bonuses and hard work. So, if you are wondering how to make quick money in a day, subscribing to a couple of these sites can be the answer for you.

30. Review Music

Review Music

If you understand music, you can help budding musicians get recognition by reviewing their art. Start with Slice the Pie to start earning this way.

31. Join Focus Groups

Join Focus Groups

Just like survey sites, these groups are meant to understand consumer psychology. But they can be at the more advanced stages of product development and are sometimes past the problem detection phase. So, you may find yourself answering if you like a certain solution the company is providing against the additional cost or not.

32. Report Your Media Habits

Report Your Media Habits

Nielsen is another company that focuses primarily on consumer behavior and opinion. Their attention remains on the social media use of the consumers and target audiences.

You can earn cash by allowing them access to your internet activity on your phone or PC if you are comfortable with this idea.

33. Earn Referral Money

Earn Referral Money

If you are a loyal user of a product or service and you believe in it and its value, search for its affiliate program. Most digital products – or products from digital businesses – offer their customers the option to become their affiliates.

You earn a commission when one of your referrals buys from the company. So, if your favorite brand has this option – if they are even slightly market savvy, they will – you will find the program.

All you have to do is to get the word out and believe in your reputation as a reliable information source and reach your network to get some sales.

Rent Out

You don’t have to sell your possessions to raise money. You can also rent them out to earn some rent. Here are a few things that you can rent out for quick cash.

34. Get A Roommate

Get A Roommate

Slash your rent payment in half by getting a roommate. But check with your landlord and local authorities to know if it’s even permissible.

And if you have got your own place, the roommate will chip in money towards your monthly expenses allowing you to save most of your salary. Use apps like Roomaster and Roommates to get the most suitable tenant.

35. Rent Out Your Space

Rent Out Your Space

If getting a roommate for the long-term isn’t suitable for you, consider renting out your space for shorter intervals. Get registered with Airbnb and similar apps and let people lodge in your dwelling temporarily while on the move. You can rent out a portion of your home like a guest room.

36. Rent Out Your Parking Space

Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you live near an event center, you are in luck. People will be willing to use your space more often than not to save on the high parking rates that are charged by those centers.

37. Wrap Your Car

Wrap Your Car

Offer your car as an advertising medium for companies. More campaigns will require you to keep the wrap – or advertisement – on your car for a minimum of twelve months.

You can get connected with interested businesses through apps like Free Car Media, Carvertise, and Nickelytics.

38. Rent Out Your Car

Rent Out Your Car

That’s that simple. Schedule a couple of days at home and rent out your car for this duration. Or simply switch to public transport these days.

You can earn up to $50 for a day of car renting. Use apps like Turo and GetAround to find interested people.

Sell Intellectual Assets

If you are an influencer in your field and your field is highly competitive and in demand, you may earn money selling your expertise. Teach people some of the takeaways you have gotten along your career and experience and get paid for it.

For those of you who are looking to answer the question, ‘How to make money same day?’ this section might not help. But if you want to increase your daily earning capacity for long run, you should start working on these ideas.

Here are a few ways you can earn money by sharing your knowledge.

39. Start a Blog

Start a Blog

You may have to work many months before you see a sizable return on your blog. But if your skill is highly specialized and has a lower number of competitors, you can do well even with the first few posts.

Make sure you are sharing your work within your industry so people who always wanted to learn from you may check out the posts.

40. Write An E Book

Write An EBook

Just like a blog, an e-book is an intellectual asset that keeps generating money for you months and years after you have published it. Most ebooks don’t get enough traction to become profitable. You can fight these odds if your skill is in high demand.

If that is the case, market it well and you will see it earning money within days.

41. Create And Sell A Course

Create and Sell A Course

Again, success depends on the marketing techniques you use. And if you want to accelerate the money-making process, you have to offer intense value out of your course.

Once up and running, your course will become a side income for you for years to come.

Save Money

At the end of the day, you want to maximize the money you have in your pocket after you have met all your expenses. Even if you earn tens of thousands of dollars in a month, it will only help you if your expenses are lower than your earnings.

We have looked at the income side of your budget. But you also have a way to maximize your wealth by decreasing the expenses you incur in a period.

Here are some quick fixes that will help you see enough savings.

42. Cut Your Expenses

Cut Your Expenses

I know I promised to discuss quick fixes and cost-cutting seems to be a difficult and time-taking measure. Penny-pinching apps like Trim will help you solve your problems without much input from you.

It does so by helping you get rid of those subscriptions that you pay monthly but you don’t need. It will also negotiate with your telephone company to find the best deal for you. And learning to manage your money is a great life skill you should have.

43. Split Costs Where Possible

Get a roommate or a live-in partner. Share the utility costs, Netflix, and music subscriptions. And don’t forget that it will also halve your rent.

44. Get Cash Back and Rewards

Get Cash Back and Rewards

Search apps that offer cash back sites and shop through them. Some credit cards also offer cash backs but they should be avoided because of the hidden costs of these transactions. A few such services include Ibotta, Drop, and Rakuten Rewards.

45. Pay Cash for Purchases

Pay Cash for Purchases

It’s easy to go for a lease option for larger purchases. But these purchases can put a dent in your bank account because of the excessively high-interest rates that apply to these transactions. A better option is to save money before making the purchase.

Build Income

There are hundreds of side hustles you can adopt to earn extra cash. Then, you can supplement this extra income with extra savings from daily expenses.

But you will have to mind lots of details to do that. You will have to schedule your day job, gigs, and budgeting time separately, and failing at any of these circles will disturb your potential in the coming days and weeks.

And doing side hustles is a short-term solution to money problems. You shouldn’t rely on it for long to avoid burnout.

If you are looking for fast ways to make money in a day, go for those side hustles. But for long-term success, you should always work on more sustainable options.

Creating and selling intellectual assets is a long-term solution. Another long-term solution to earn your desired income in a day or week is to improve income from your day job. Here are two ways to do that.

46. Ask For A Pay Raise

Ask For A Pay Raise

This is the short-term solution but oftentimes it’s long due. You may have been working at your current pay for quite some time and with an increase in your experience and inflation, you deserve a raise. Evaluate what you bring to the table and negotiate accordingly.

47. Advance Your Education

Advance Your Education

Build your strengths and value by learning new skills or improving your current skill set. You will soon see these efforts translate into higher income potential in the coming months and years.

Sure, it’s not a quick fix for your money problems but it will relieve you from most of your worries in time.

Take away

How to make quick money in one day? This question contradicts the well-known and widely believed mantra that equals time with money.

Luckily, if you are intelligent, you can also contradict this mantra and earn cash quickly. We have collected 47 methods by which you can earn cash, quickly.

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