How to Make Money Fast as a Kid – 55 Quick Ways to Get Started

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Read this article to know how to make money fast as a kid. Help yourself with what suits you, your personality, and your neighborhood.

Being a kid is difficult. With a busy schedule and many parental expectations, you have limited freedom to pursue your goal.

How to Make Money Fast as a Kid?

Financial freedom is the only way you can enjoy some control over your life. But how can you attain financial freedom with limited time and skills?

Luckily, you have more ways than you believe you have. This article will tell you how to make money fast as a kid. On top of these, look for some methods to create a business that pays you in your youth and old age.

Ways To Make Money Fast

Let’s start with a more pressing task – making money for the pair of skates you have been eyeing since summer!

1. Sell Fruits

how to make money fast as a kid. In any neighborhood, you will find homes with fruit trees in their backyard. Because of owners’ lack of time, these fruits go wasted. Ask the homeowners to let you pick fruits and then sell them to earn cash.

2. Wash Windows

Home maintenance occupies a large portion of most people’s schedules. Help them with easy but time-taking tasks. Window washing is one extra chore that you can help families in ticking off from their schedule. How to make money fast as a kid.

3. Clean Homes

Help homeowners with everyday tasks. This gig will be recurring translating into steady work and income.

4. Clean Furniture

This can be a once-in-a-week or month or seasonal job depending on the depth that is required. As you engage in this job, you can ask the family to broaden your task to bring home a steady income. How to make money fast as a kid.

5. Paint Garages

This is more like a summer job. Your offer can range from painting the walls and floors to decorating the whole den with a personality. You may also offer to clean the garage or help with moving its items. How to make money fast as a kid.

6. Power Wash Homes

How to make money fast as a kid 13-year-old by washing homes? The answer is not that difficult. You will find easy clients – ask around or post on the social media page of your neighborhood. And rent a pressure washer to get started. How to make money fast as a kid.

But you still need reliable e

xperience with pressure washing to get started!

7. Bake

If you love baking, you can use your locality’s social media page or ask your mother to spread the word in her mom group about your skills. Sell delicious treats and earn repeat customers.

8. Host a Kids Club

Everyone wants to have fun, especially kids. Help their parents by making joy easy for their kids. On the busiest night of their week – is it Friday or Saturday? – offer a unique babysitting experience with lots of games to small groups. How to make money fast as a kid

9. Be a Librarian

What do libraries do? They allow their subscribers to take out a book or two back to their homes. You can do the same if you have a cool selection of books or toys.

And if you are wary that other children will damage your goods, let them only enjoy these things at your place for a lower subscription fee.

10. Rent Your Video Games

If you use the library option, you can include video games in the collection. Or you can only set up a video game library.

Make sure you are doing enough marketing or you will retain only a couple of clients from your friends’ circle.

11. Sell Soda

Selling soda is the perfect answer to how to make money fast as a 12-year-old kid. First, you don’t need lots of equipment to start with it. Then, there are no age limitations you face with it. And in the end, the task is easy and you set your hours. How to make money fast as a kid.

12. Sell Baby Chicks

If you can get the backyard of your home allotted to you, you will have plenty of opportunities to earn cash from it. Raising hens is one of these. You can sell eggs as well as baby chicks for money.

13. Be a Handyman

If you know how to fix different appliances, equipment, and fixtures at home; consider earning premium money as a handyman.

14. Holiday Decorations

This seasonal task only wants you to show your creativity and some hard work. Get a business card for you to attract repeat business.

15. Gameday Yard Flags

Look out to know the sports preferences of your neighborhood and offer them to put the flag of their favorite teams in their backyard every day of the game.

16. Install Flag Pole

Or take this work to another level and offer your services to install a flag pole for repeat use.

17. Recycle Wires

You would need to visit construction sites for this or build connections with electricians. Collect wasted electric wires from them and sell them to metal recycling companies.

18. Find Metals

Or you can go door to door and ask for wasted metal or collect tins from the roadside or waste bins. Once you have collected some metal, sell them at the scrap yard.

19. Plant Trimming

If you know something about plants and their growing habits, you can earn premium cash with this job. On top of offering help with plant maintenance, tell your clients that you are giving them a unique service that will help their plants to grow quickly and become healthier.

20. Aerate Lawn

Plants are healthiest when they have ample oxygen. Get paid to keep people’s plants healthy by aerating them with a rented aerator.

21. Weed

Help lawn lovers by keeping harmful plants out of their lawns.

22. Fertilize

Plants need nutrition. Offer their owners to help with fertilizing them.

23. Edge the lawn

If you love gardening, this is another gig that would interest you. Tell homeowners that you can trim the edges of their lawn along sidewalks making the place appear well-groomed.

24. Lay sod

You may also help the homeowner with planting their lawn with sod laying.

25. Yard Maintenance

Or offer a complete package and groom their lawns from cleaning to mowing to trimming and aerating.

26. Shine Shoes

Earn steady income by shining other people’s shoes once a week at their homes.

27. Be a Mom Assistant

Help mothers do their chores at home by attending to their children when busy. Or make time for them by helping them with small tasks while they spend time with their little ones. Charge hourly.

28. Cook at Their Homes

How to make money fast as a kid. If you are good at cooking and know the precautionary measures, this job can help you earn while improving your skill.

29. Paint the Home Exterior

Just like garage painting, painting outdoor surfaces need lots of hard work. You can support such projects on weekends.

30. Water the Plants

This recurring job may not require you to break a sweat, but you must be punctual and regular.

31. Walk Dogs

If you love dogs, why not offer dog owners this service for repeat business and steady income?

32. Make Digital Scrapbooks

How to make money fast as a kid. If you love arts – especially digital arts – tell your social circles that you can design their digital scrapbooks.

33. Sell Pets

You may want to do extra marketing to make this hustle profitable. But you can also earn reasonable money if you buy, raise, and sell in-demand pets.

34. Clean Dog Poop

Those families that own a dog would love to pay you for this daily chore. Again, make sure to be punctual and regular.

35. Build Sandbox

Offer to build a sandbox in the yard of homes with children.

36. Install Swing Set

Amp up your offered services and also help them with installing swings. Or you can give this installation as a stand-alone service.

37. Tile Cleaning

As another household chore, this is significantly time-consuming. So, if you have extra time in your schedule or if you can build a team of your friends, this task can earn you hundreds of dollars in months.

38. Install Peephole

Go door to door to sell your service of peephole installation. People would love you for added security without having to search for the right fixture and fitting help.

39. Detail Cars

If you love cars and know what it takes to clean them, use your passion to offer car detailing services.

40. Wash Cars

Or you can keep the task small for a lower value. Offer people to wash their cars. You can find clients at their homes with door-to-door marketing or you can visit gas stations to serve them.

41. Decorate Rocks

If you are creative and have an eye for beautiful stones, you can paint rocks and sell them as decoration pieces. You can also make pots and vases filled with colored rocks to sell.

42. Create Apps

Your pre-teen and teen years are when you should start coding and programming. One great way to put this learning to use is by creating apps. Create value-adding apps that you think are in demand or develop gaming apps. Offer them for free and earn advertising revenue.

43. Tutor Coding

So, you think you know how to code. How about using this knowledge to tutor other kids – or adults?

44. Tutor Foreign Language

If you are bilingual, you can earn good sums teaching people English – or your second language –. Join digital platforms to reach diverse people.

45. Pet Sitting

How to make money fast as a kid. Convert your love for animals into cold hard cash. Interestingly, this job can turn into a steady income pretty quickly.

46. Set a Petting Zoo

Or if your love for animals is so immense that you have raised a number of them at your home, take them to a park to set up a petting zoo.

47. Groom Pet

You can learn the grooming techniques and market your dog grooming or cat grooming services. It’s a repeat business by the way!

48. Train Pets

This one will require rigorous training but you can do it, right?

Learn to train your furry friends and get week-long jobs.

49. Stud Dogs

Get a licensed purebred cat or dog and earn stud fees when their females breed with them.

50. Guide Hunting Adventures

How to make money fast as a kid. If you own a hunting spirit, know the trick, and own hunting dogs; offer your and your dogs’ services as a hunting guide to chase mountain lions and squirrels.

51. Help Elders with Technology

How to make money fast as a kid. Another type of coaching you can do – with an impressive resume to back your skill at it – is about technology. Get the attention of elderly people in your neighborhood and tell them that you are offering technology tutoring.

52. Help Kids with Reading

How to make money fast as a kid. You can also earn premium money by including stepping up your babysitting game. Offer the family that you can help their kid with reading.

53. Sell Eggs

You can resort to raising chickens to sell baby chicks. But why would you waste precious eggs? Let your locality know that these eggs are up for sale.

54. Farm Sitting

How to make money fast as a kid. Search for farms in your area. Build contacts with them and let them know that you are interested in caring for animals. You may start with a training period with low pay and can soon get enough skills to ask for farm sitting gigs to care for the cattle without their usual caregivers.

55. Conduct Music Lessons

How to make money fast as a kid. This fun way of making money includes introducing kids to your hobby. Beware, it may not be as much as it sounds!

Wrap Up

If you are learning how to make money fast as a kid, you may want to steer clear of long-term strategies like building a vlog or developing your social media presence. In that case, the offline world makes the most giant pool of opportunities for you.

As a teenager who is interested in knowing how to get money fast, you should be vigilant and proactive. Know that there is no easy way to make money and that money comes with the right mindset and attitude. The best entrepreneurs are those who are best at marketing.

So, once you have learned your craft, you have to up your game and market your services as much as you can do.

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