How to Make Money as a Teenager – 29 Easy & Quick Ways

How to make money as a teenager

If you search for the answers, you will get many. But you have to find those that maintain the balance between your work and life.

So you are a teenager looking to find some untapped quick ways to make money.

You have hundreds of reasons to do so. After all, you have to buy clothes, upgrade your phone, get your well-deserved spa treatment, and participate in the upcoming basketball match. You need the kit!

And there is no better way to get that money than to work to earn it.

Let me tell you one thing: this short-term strategy is cool and should work for you but it shouldn’t stay as a short-term strategy. Instead, learn from it and build upon it to open doors for life-long financial independence for yourself.

Those kids who start earning at a young age are more responsible in managing their finances. And the side effects include increased confidence in oneself, compounding resources, insight into investment, and the ability to notice – and utilize – opportunities to make money.

So, you are ready to become an adult. Knowing how to make money as a teenager is just one – out of many – step to maturity. This article will tell you some jobs that will help you earn cash. You can do some of these side hustles for teens as jobs while others can be adapted as businesses.

House Sitting


This gig is simply the easiest way to make money. It is seasonal and will only bloom in those months when tourism is at its peak. But it pays handsome money and you don’t have to input lots of effort.

But you have to keep a clean record to get this job.

Ask around among your relatives and acquaintances if anyone is going out of the city and want someone to take care of their home.

If you get the job, you will be responsible for caring for plants, checking mail, and caring for pets.



Again, this job is built on trust and a clean background. But it’s a cool way to start especially if you like children and can build a rapport with them easily.

In addition to word-of-mouth marketing, you can also use digital methods especially social media to advertise your services. Also, you can join platforms that are specifically built to connect parents with babysitters to find suitable clients.

Pet Sitting


It may seem an easy gig but you have to understand the behavior and needs of the animals to carve a successful career out of it.

You have all the channels of marketing that are available for babysitting to market your pet sitting business.

Camp Counseling


If you love outdoor adventures and have camped more than a few times, this job will satiate your soul as well as fulfilling your financial needs.

You know the basics of camping and know a particular camp area inside out. Now, you can help naïve campers in setting the right camp at the perfect location and also in getting around the area.

Social Media Managing

Social Media Managing

Marketing is the key skill you have to master to make money. If you think you have developed enough skills in this area, why not specialize in marketing as a business. A social media manager uses his insight into the market and target customers to create the right content and build a brand’s awareness.

It’s time to put those good-for-nothing social media addictions to work.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

Research, documentation, and communication are the key skills that you need to become a perfect candidate for this skill.

Most of your clients will be entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs who want to delegate mundane tasks to teens.

In addition to research and documentation, you may also find yourself preparing schedules for your clients or coordinating with their clients or suppliers.

Deliver Food and Groceries

Deliver Food and Groceries

With the rise of e-commerce and online grocery and food shopping, your chances of getting freelance work have increased.

You can connect with a grocery delivery app and start earning immediately. Unlike car-sharing gigs, this one doesn’t require a license.
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Lawn Care


This tried and tested gig is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. And it’s a small-scale business with proper investment and returns.

You can even expand it to your friends if you are a budding business person.

Start with lawn mowing and gradually upgrade your service options to include landscaping and gardening.

In the offline world, this gig appears to be most flexible as you get to choose your hours. So, if you are searching for how to make money as a kid without compromising your schedule, lawn care becomes the prime candidate.

Working at a Fast-Food Restaurant

Working at a Fast-Food Restaurant

Another job that is among the first ones to come to mind when we say teens’ jobs is fast food worker. But the other identity of this job is low salary and toxic work environment.

If you are wary of unhealthy working conditions, you have to search for those fast-food chains that treat their employees with care and dignity.

Yes, there are some!



It’s your job if you are good at academics as well as communication. You can do it in an offline world or you can increase your reach by going online.

The best thing about going online is that you will find plenty of clients for your subject. And it’s flexible as well.

Lifeguarding at a Local Pool


You should note that this job requires you to have some skills. First off, you should be a swimmer yourself. Then, you should know basic first aid and lifesaving skills including CPR. In the end, you should be vigilant and proactive to prevent accidents.

Also, you should have a calm and responsible temperament. If you panic easily, you shouldn’t go for this job.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace


If becoming a businessperson is your career choice, this is the best training you can get. This business will take you through the whole ordeal of launching and running a business without asking much from you in monetary terms.

You have to source products – or produce them, market them, and handle the transaction from delivery to cash collection.

What are you waiting for? Start by setting easy-to-attain goals. For example, think about how to make 600 dollars fast!

Making and Selling Arts

Making and Selling Arts

This is another mini-business that has become possible only because of technological advancement. If you are a hybrid who harbors both talents – business and creativity – the digital art market allows you to explore both sides of yours.

Etsy is the biggest marketplace that you can use to reach fans of your art. But you can also use social media to do the marketing.

Car Washing


Selling on the internet is a great opportunity for today’s teens but this type of career requires time to flourish. If you are looking for ways to make money fast, you should consider jobs in the offline world where you can rely on your network to find work.

Car washing is such a job that doesn’t require you to build another persona online. Spread the word in your social circle and you will easily get your pocket money covered by this gig.

Car Detailing


And if your inner artist wants a way out, expand your car washing service to include car detailing as an extra.

You can charge premium prices for this service if you know what you are doing.



Just like lawn care, this job is not going anywhere anytime soon. You can get started with some agency that specializes in providing such cleaning services or you may start on your own.

Beware, that house cleaning can sometimes be more cumbersome than it appears. You may have to clean furniture, upholstery, and fixtures on top of the usual cleaning you do at your home.

Foreign Language Teaching

Foreign Language Teaching

This is a great job for bilingual people. But you can still take this gig if you have basic skills in a second language. You can use this understanding to communicate with your pupils and gradually build their confidence in your mother tongue.

If you are a native English speaker, this language is currently in huge demand among Chinese students. But you have to attend to them in their time zone.

So if you want to know how to make money as a teen as a bilingual, this is the gig you should analyze.

Bagger at the Grocery Store

Bagger at the Grocery Store

I know that you already know this job but it’s worth mentioning.
If you are interested, search supermarkets near you to spot relevant job opportunities for baggers and stockers.

Assisting at Office

Assisting at Office

If you are a good virtual assistant, you should be a good office assistant. Still, some skill requirements differ between an office assistant and a virtual assistant. On top of coordinating and communicating, you will have to do many manual chores. These include paper filing, photocopying, printing, and brewing coffee.

Also, note that as an office assistant, you will be required to commute to the office – a requirement that is non-existent for virtual assistants. So, if you are looking for ways to make money from home fast, office assistance is not what you should be looking at.

Helping Neighbors

How to make money as a teenager

You know about the house cleaning gig that’s available in every locality. Now add another level to it and start offering technical services as well.

The tasks you can offer include moving things and furniture, plumbing, electric equipment troubleshooting, and installing fixtures.

Again, the modes of marketing include word-of-mouth, referrals, social media, and relevant apps.


How to make money as a teenager

If you love colors and have an eye to appreciate aesthetics, you can use your leisure time to build your business around photography.
You may want to invest in a quality camera to pursue this hustle.

As a freelance photographer, you may have to cover events or do photoshoots for families, products, or destinations.

You can also take photos that look appealing and marketable and sell them to publications.

Help Businesses

How to make money as a teenager

Just like individuals, businesses need help with petty jobs. Expect to do all the tasks that you may do in household settings with greater complexity.

Fill Surveys

How to make money as a teenager

Being a teenager, you belong to a highly sought-after consumer group. Those businesses that specialize in fashion, technology, entertainment, and education want your opinion.

You can help them voluntarily or in exchange for some payment. You can sign up with survey sites to get started.

Scan Receipts

How to make money as a teenager

This is a great way to earn cash as compensation for shopping. Before you get carried away and go on a shopping spree, note that the cashback will only be applied on qualifying purchases.

The process of earning money is easy, you have to sign up with one of the numerous receipt scanning apps. It will notify you of promotions going on. If you want to buy a product on the promotion, you simply buy it and upload the receipt to the app to earn the promoted reward.

Rocking Parties

How to make money as a teenager

Do you love partying? Do you want a little more fun and music in your life?

If you have answered yes to both questions, becoming a disc jockey will prove to be a rewarding career for you.

Instructing Swimming Classes

How to make money as a teenager

For those of you who excel at swimming and don’t mind giving this sport some more time out of your day, becoming a swimming instructor is a good use of your skill. And it’s fun too.

Plus, don’t forget about the manual labor that goes into such instructions, you can deduct the calorie burn from your daily goal!

Sport Coaching

How to make money as a teenager

You may work with learners on the playground as a coach even when you are not the best in water.

But you will have to be great at one or another sport.
Again, don’t forget the fun part when you are deciding on the next move.

Becoming a Social Media Influencer

How to make money as a teenager

If your original query is how to earn money fast, you may not pursue this field for short-term earnings. But this is a great way to build a passive income if your goal is a long-term investment and financial stability.

The best part with becoming a social media influencer – or any other influencer for that matter – is that this career doesn’t require you to invest big. All you have to do is to understand the market and create content in your tone and personality consistently.
With time, your platform will start gaining traction.

Being a Receptionist

How to make money as a teenager

It’s a great job if you are willing to polish your entrepreneurial skills. As a receptionist, your key duty will be to communicate with visitors and record their requests.

Also, you may have to coordinate with other staff members to communicate these requests and build rapport with the public thus developing a public image of the business.

Take Away

This article answered a pressing question every teenager wants an answer for how to make money as a teenager. Although you can have many more jobs to add to this category, the gigs included in this article will not only earn you quick cash but may turn into a sustainable hustle or business with time.
Before you choose one gig, analyze its short-term as well as long-term rewards and try to maximize both.

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