How Much Is 6 Figures? Discover What 6, 7, 8 And 9 Figures Means

It is no secret that we all have dreams and aspirations in life. Some of the things we yearn to do is to earn a good income. In most instances, a good income is mentioned in terms of ‘figures’. For instance, you may hear someone earns a 6 figure salary. Others earn a 7 figure salary and above. All these are basically salary scales and they all have their minimum amounts as well as maximum amounts.

Since most people have been asking, how much is 6 figures, we shall take a closer look at what 6 figures means, what does it mean to have 6 figures and other related facets so that you can have a clear picture of these statements.

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What Is A Figure?

Before we go into the finer details of how much is six figures, it is imperative that you know what a figure is. Simply put, a figure is a digit or a number. This word is commonly used in reference to statistics such as income, profits and so forth. For instance, the amount $700000 has 6 digits and thus it has 6 figures.

When used in the above-mentioned scenario, it refers to complete dollar amounts and not those digits that are past the decimal point. For instance, if you earn $100000.95, you will be deemed to be earning a 6 figure salary and not an 8 figure salary.

How Much Is A Figure?

Since a figure is the same as a digit, a figure is as much the numbers in a given salary, net worth or profit margin. For instance, $50000 has 5 digits and thus someone who earns that amount can be said to be earning a 5 figure salary.

How Much Is 6 Figures?

Like we have mentioned above, a figure is basically a number or a digit. Therefore, 6 figures refers to any amount that is between $100000 and $999999. Anything that is beyond that will be deemed to be 7 figures. Anyone who earns between $100000 and $1000000 is said to be earning a 6 figure salary.

What Does It Mean To Have 6 Figures?

If someone earns a 6 figure salary, he or she usually earns a salary that ranges between $100000 and $ 999999. Besides referring to a salary, 6 figures means a net worth that has 6 digits. It can also mean profits that have 6 digits or numbers.

For instance, if company XYZ made a 6 figure profit, it can be deemed to have made profits that range from $100000 and $999999.Any figure between these two amounts is said to have 6 figures.

What Jobs Make 6 Figures A Year?

As we speak, there are a myriad of jobs that can help you earn a 6 figure salary. Some of these jobs need you to have a college degree for you to get them. However, there are some that do not need you to have a college or university degree in order to qualify for them.

What is needed in the latter option is skills, competence and perhaps experience in a given area and you are good to go. We shall categorize these jobs for you so that you can have a better understanding about them and their respective incomes.

6 Figure Jobs That Need You To Have A College Degree

The following are some of the jobs that can enable you earn a 6 figure salary:

1. Financial Manager

how much is 6 figures

As a financial manager you will be mandated to improve the financial health of a company or organization that you work in. Here, you will be reviewing and producing financial reports every now and then. With these reports in place, you will be able to monitor the company’s account and also prepare the financial forecast of that company.

Generally, you will be looking for a way to improve the company’s profitability as well as look for markets to potential business opportunities. When it comes to earnings, be sure that you will earn $100178 annually.

2. Sales Engineer

how much is 6 figures

The primary duty of a sales engineer is to sell scientific or technological products and services. These professionals usually prepare presentations that offer the much needed details about the different goods and services offered by a certain company. As a sales engineer, you will be mandated to determine the customer needs and service requirements. Your salary as a sales engineer will be $106,147 annually.

3. Development Director

how much is 6 figures

One of the main duties of a development director is to oversee and even manage efforts aimed at raising money for a certain company. Therefore, you have to manage all the fundraising activities that are taking place in your company.

Besides this, you have to build and manage the relationships between your company and donors from outside. The main aim here is to raise money for various developments and programs within the company. Your salary as a development director is $101,108 per year.

4. Architect

how much is 6 figures

When working as an architect you will be developing and managing different building projects out there from conception to completion. Since you are skilled with design development, you will be needed to build houses in different designs, depending on the owner’s tastes and preferences.

Besides this, you have to consider other vital parameters such as sustainability, safety and even compliance with the state and federal laws. In most cases, the salary of an architect is usually $110,776 annually.

5. Computer Hardware Engineer

how much is 6 figures

As a computer hardware engineer, your primary duties will be to research, design and develop computer systems and their components. Some of these components include processors, memory devices, circuit boards, routers, networks and so much more.

As long as you have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, be sure that you can start working as a computer hardware engineer. Also, if you have a degree in computer science or electrical engineering, you can work as a computer hardware engineer. The salary of this professional is $117,220 annually.

6. Actuary

how much is 6 figures

The main role of an actuary is to help businesses and clients to develop good policies that will help reduce risks such as fire, storm, theft and so forth. To do this, you will have to analyse the financial cost of a certain risk and the uncertainty that comes with it. The good news is that there are financial theories and mathematical statistics that can help you get started.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, mathematics or any other analytical field, you can work as an actuary. Besides this, you are needed to pass some certification exams so that you can qualify to work as an actuary. Your salary as an actuary is typically $108,350 per year.

6 Figure Jobs That Do Not Need You To Have A College Degree

Since we have looked at the 6 figure jobs that require one to have a college degree, time is ripe for you to know the 6 figure jobs one can do even without a college degree. These include:

1. Be A Business Owner

Be A Business Owner

A number of people who do not like being employed usually prefer to be business owners. The good news is that small businesses are the lifeblood of many countries. Unlike other ventures, being a business owner can offer employment, enable you to pay taxes, increase the GDP and improve the economy of your locality in general.

You just have to start small and watch yourself make profits. As long as you offer the much-needed products and services to your customers, be sure that you will break even within no time. If you are consistent, you can look forward towards earning net profits of $120000 and above

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

If you have skills in writing blogs, articles, e-books and other kinds of content, you can start working as a freelance writer. The good news is that you can actually work from home and earn an income. All you need to do is to perfect your writing skills, be consistent and follow the instructions given.

Besides this, always deliver your work in good time. By doing this, you will get more clients and this can mean that you will be earning a 6 figure salary annually. Most people are now working as freelance writers and are earning $100000 and above annually.

3. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Since most people are always looking for properties to invest in, you can choose to connect these individuals with the actual owners of these properties and earn a commission. You just need to be passionate and knowledgeable about the real estate market within your locality and you will be good to go.

Some properties are highly priced and if the buyer accepts to purchase the property, you will be able to earn commissions of as high as $100000 annually. The more customers you get, the higher the chances of earning this commission and beyond.

3. Start Blogging

Start Blogging

Although most people consider blogging a lucrative side hustle, you can actually make it to be your main hustle and earn more than $150000 annually. In fact, some bloggers make as much as $100000 per month.

All you need to do is to choose a niche that you are good at and start a blog about it. It could be about food and beverages, clothes, home improvement, automotive, marriage, technology and so forth.

Thereafter, perfect your writing skills so that you can attract more readers to your blog on a daily basis. By doing so, you can be one of the highest paid bloggers within your country or state.

4. Be A Virtual Assistant

Be A Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, you can work as a virtual assistant to an online entrepreneur and earn a decent income amount to $130000 or more annually. Unlike other ventures, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of working from home.

Basically, as long as you have a laptop, source of power and a good internet connection, be sure that you can work from any location. Since you will be working remotely, you may not be able to lay your eyes on your employer. All you will be doing is to chat with them over emails and other virtual message platforms.

5. Athletics


If you are good at athletics, you can venture in this field and earn 6 figures or even more. You will realize that this is one of the sports that put various nations on the map and various countries are willing to do anything in order to ensure that its athletes are living well and are paid well.

After high-school, you can venture into this field and put more effort into it. Your star may not shine immediately but with practice, you may be able to compete with the world’s best athletes and earn more than $140000 annually.

6. Be A YouTuber

Be A YouTuber

YouTube is one of the most visited online platforms all over the world. Here, people usually upload all sorts of content such as comedies, songs, movies, podcasts and so forth. If you are good at creating content, you can create a YouTube channel and then start uploading your content there.

As long as your content is valuable and interesting to your viewers, you will get more views online and even increase your current number of subscribers. Consequently, you will be on your way towards earning a 6 figure income. The more content you have online, the higher your chances of earning more money.

7. Sales Job

Sales Job

One of the fastest ways to earn a 6 figure salary is to consider a sales job. Since you do not need to have a degree, you can consider venturing into this field once you complete your high-school.

As we speak, we have a plethora of companies that are willing to employ as many sales people as possible in a bid to boost their current sales margin. If you are diligent, be sure that you will be able to get more commission. Although the commission may be small for a start, it is bound to increase as you make more sales.

How Much Is 7 Figures?

Simply put, 7 figures refers to a number that has 7 digits. Therefore, any amount that ranges between $1000000 and $9999999. Therefore, if you earn an income between these two figures, it is said that you earn a 7 figure salary.7 figures can also mean someone’s network or a company’s profits. Some of the jobs that can allow earn 7 figures include:

  • Business executive
  • Investment banker
  • Specialized surgeon
  • Entertainer
  • Lawyer
  • Software developer
  • Investor
  • Real estate developer
  • Private Equity Managing director
  • Social media influencer
  • Movie actors
  • Fashion designers

Therefore, for you to earn a 7 figure salary, you have to be well talented in a particular field. Also, you should be highly specialized in your field of work. Finally, be more knowledgeable and competent in that field and you will be good to go.

How Much Is 8 Figures?

8 figures refer to any amount that ranges from $10000000 and $99999999.This can refer to your salary, net worth or even profits in your business. Anything that is beyond $9999999 is deemed to be a 9 figure. Some of the jobs that can allow you to earn an 8 figure salary include the following:

  • Movie stars
  • High profile athletes
  • Founders of Unicorn start-ups
  • Hedge fund managers
  • Fortune 500 CEOs
  • Movie actors such as Dwayne Johnson
  • How much is 9 figures

By now, you may be wondering what the 9 figure means. However, this is the next salary scale after the 8 figure salary. Individuals who earn a 9 figure salary usually earn a salary ranging from $100000000 and &999999999.Most of the people who earn such salaries are in the rare elite clubs and most of them usually have a net worth in billions.

It is important to note that the jobs that pay a 9 figure salary are typically in the same realm as those that earn 8 figures. In most cases, you will realize that CEOs who have vast experience and have been working for well-known brands for many years are bound to earn 9 figure salaries and above.

Also, founders of extraordinarily large companies are likely to earn 9 figure salaries. Better still those individuals who are in sports, entertainment and art industries, also earn 9 figure salaries.

For instance, footballers such as Christiano Ronaldo earns $105000000 and above. Discovery CEO, David Zaslav earns $129500000 and above. Finally, Oracle CEO, Safra A.Catz earns $108200000.

With such an income, you will never have to worry about money again and can choose how you want to live your life. Generally, your net worth will be high and you will join the league of some of the richest people in the world.

Tips To Increase Your Income Figures

Since we all have ambitions in life, everyone would like to get a pay rise. For instance, if you used to earn a 6 figure salary, chances are that you will endeavor to earn a 7 figure or an 8 figure salary. The following are some of the tips that can help make this dream a reality:

1. Ask For A Bonus Or Raise

how much is 6 figures

Most companies or organizations usually give bonuses to their employees. Since you are entitled to one, you should not hesitate to ask for one. Besides asking for a bonus, you can go ahead and ask for a pay-rise. This will go a long way in increasing your income in the long run.

The higher the pay rise, the higher the chances of getting a higher income figure.
As long as you justify why you need a pay-rise, be sure that the employer will be kind enough to consider your suggestion. For instance, you can show the number of accomplishments and accolades you have had at the workplace. These testimonials will help you get a higher income figure.

2. Consider Looking For A Better Paying Job

how much is 6 figures

Although some companies may accept to increase your income, some may be hesitant and quote a number of challenges that might constrain them from implementing the idea. In this case, looking for a better paying job makes a lot of sense.

The good news is that there are a myriad of jobs that can allow you to earn a higher income figure. As long as you qualify for one, you can make your application and see how it goes. Most people have been lucky to get better paying jobs and thus achieved their set goals in life.

3. Start Your Own Business

how much is 6 figures

Being employed is a good idea but starting your own business and being your own boss pays off. You will note that most people have now left their 9-5 jobs and are now doing their own business.

Whether it is selling clothes or food, there are many ideas that can double your current income figures. As long as you meet the needs of your clientele, be sure that you will be able to earn a higher income figure.

4. Consider Looking For A Side Hustle

how much is 6 figures

Although you can rely on one job and earn an income, it does not hurt to look for a side hustle and pursue it. Whether it is starting your own business or even freelance writing, you will be able to supplement your current income figures.

You just need to choose something that you are passionate about and then pursue it to the end. If you are diligent enough, you will be able to earn a higher income in the long run.

5. Keep Learning New Skills

how much is 6 figures

Nowadays, companies are looking for highly skilled individuals to work for them in various fields. If you have perfected your skills in a certain field, be sure that you will be able to earn a higher income. You can get promoted and be able to earn a higher income figure. This strategy works magic and can make you rich within a short period of time.

Final Words

Since you know what is a 6 figure salary,7 figure salary, 8 figure salary and 9 figure salary, time is ripe for you to work towards them. You can gather skills, upgrade your current education level and competencies and you will be able to earn these salaries.

Also, you need to have more experience in certain fields so that you can be deemed to be the right candidate for the job. Note all the ideas we have mentioned above and you will be able to achieve your life goals.

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