How Much is 5 Figures? Discover What 3, 4, And 5 Figures Means

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘figures’? For many people, figures can mean numbers. To others the word ‘figures’ can mean digits. Generally, the word ‘figure’ is normally used in reference to official statistics of different things. From the profits made by a company to someone’s salary, there are many areas where the word ‘figure’ is applied.

Most people normally ask, ‘how much is 5 figures?’ Others ask, how much is a figure and so forth. In this article, we shall try to answer all these questions and look at other facets that are related to figures so that you can understand the concept of figures properly.

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How Much Is A Figure?

Chances are that you have heard someone say that they normally ‘make 4 figures’ or ‘make five figures’ or even more. If you have not heard about the word ‘figures’ in the past, chances are that you will be mesmerized by such terms. Fortunately, figures simply mean digits. Therefore, one figure is equivalent to one digit.

For instance, 10000 has 5 numbers because it has 5 digits in it. Since a digit is the same as a figure, it is correct to say that 10000 has 5 figures. If someone earns a 5 figure salary, he or she normally earns a salary ranging from $10000 to $99999. If it exceeds $99999, then it becomes a 6 figure salary or income.

How Much Is A 3 Figure Salary?

If someone earns a 3-figure salary, he or she normally earns at least $100. However, the salary can range from $100 to $999. Although such salaries are good for a start, they are generally low. If you normally earn $100 in a year, it means that you normally earn $8.33 a month.

Such amounts of money are the ones some people make within a few hours or even minutes. However, if the same person earns $999, it means that in a month, he or she takes home $83.25.

How Much Is A 4 Figure Salary?

Any amount that has 4 digits is deemed to have 4 figures. Therefore, if you earn a 4 figure salary, it means that your salary ranges from $1000 to $9999.Such earnings are not bad for a start. However, they can increase over time so that you can also achieve your life goals.

Remember that if you are earning $1000 in a year, it means that you are entitled to $83.33 per month. Although this is not bad for a start, some of the top professionals can allow you to earn that amount of money within one hour or so.

However, if you earn $9999 annually, it means that you will be earning $8333.25 per month. If you live in a low-income country, you can lead a comfortable lifestyle. You can even take a loan and even substitute your income with the profits you make in your business.

How Much Is 5 Figures?

What does it mean to have 5 figures? Well, 5 figures means any amount that has 5 digits. Therefore, if you earn a 5 figure salary, it means that you earn an income ranging from $10000 to $99999. Such a salary is the dream of many people out there. You can start with $10000 and then work your way up the career ladder. Those earning $99999 annually are already living a comfortable life.

What Jobs Make 5 Figures A Year?

As we speak, we have a plethora of jobs that make 5 figures in a year. Some of these jobs do not require you to have a college degree. As long as you have all the necessary skills, knowledge and competences, be sure that you will get the job. However, we shall categorize these jobs so that you can know them better. The following are the categories that we shall use for easier distinction. These categories include:

  • 5 Figure Jobs With a College Degree

  • 5 Figure Jobs Without a College Degree

  • Online Jobs With a 5-figure Income

5-Figure Jobs With A College Degree

There are a number of jobs that can guarantee a 5-figure salary as long as you have a bachelor’s degree at the entry level. Others on the other hand may need you to advance your studies and perhaps pursue a master’s degree or even a PHD. Some of these jobs include the following:

1. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

If you are a fashion designer, you will be mandated to design a number of wears. From clothes to shoes, there are many kinds of clothes that you will be designing. Besides this, you will be designing accessories that come with these wears. Since fashion is dynamic, you have to always be on top of your game so that your clothes, shoes and other accessories can be trendy and attractive.

For you to get this job, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in Fashion design, communication skills, creativity, collaboration skills and so forth. You also need to perfect your skills in drawing and sewing. If you get this job, be sure that you will be earning $75810 and above.

2. Architect

Architect bre

The main role of an architect is to plan and design new construction projects, redevelopments and alterations. Their job is what brings into reality the fancy buildings you see around your city. Here, they normally control a number of projects in order to ensure that their preferred design is functional, innovative, trendy and of high quality.

If you want to become an architect, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Besides this, if you have had an opportunity to have show-case your skills in an internship program, you stand to have an added advantage.

Other vital skills needed in this field include good communication skills, analytical thinking skills, creativity, research and so forth. As an architect, be sure that you will be earning $82,320 and above.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers mainly deal with designing magazines, websites, brochures and other materials used for promotional purposes. These professionals mainly come up with layouts, concepts and illustrations that can be used by individual businesses and companies to attract more customers.

For you to work as a graphic designer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Animation, Art or another related field. Besides this, you need to fine-tune your skills of using graphic design tools such as Adobe. If you are good at what you do, be sure that you will earn a salary of $53,380 and above.
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4. High School Teacher

High School Teacher

The above-mentioned professional usually plans lessons and teaches certain subjects in school. This can be Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography or even Business Studies. Besides this, these professionals usually help academically-weak students to better their grades. Finally, they usually prepare the students for the final exams at the end of the 4 years in high school.

If you want to become a high-school teacher, you should ensure that you have a bachelor of Education degree in the subject that you want to teach in school. This could be English, Mathematics, History and so forth. Apart from this, you need to have a license or a certificate for you to teach in a public school. As a high-school teacher, you can expect to earn $62,870 and above.

5-Figure Jobs Without A College Degree

The 4 jobs we have mentioned above, require you to have a degree from a university or a college. However, there are other jobs that can still enable you to earn a 5-figure salary without essentially having to get college or university education. Some of these jobs include the following:

1. Athlete


Most athletes are normally skilled and trained in certain sports. You will note that they know how certain games go and the rules that govern each game. Some of these sports include swimming, soccer, running races, baseball and so forth. Unlike other professions, one does not need to have a degree for one to be an athlete.

As long as you have a high-school diploma or equivalent, you will be good to go. However, one fundamental thing that you must engage in is training. If you keep on training, you will be able to perfect your current skills, abilities and competences. Consequently, you will be a star in this field. It is important to note that most athletes normally earn $50,850 and above.

2. Chef


A chef is mainly involved in preparation of different meals out there. He or she can make breakfast, lunch or even dinner for different people. Besides cooking, these professionals can also be in charge of the kitchen affairs. Here, they will be overseeing the kitchen staff, taste different dishes before being served to different customers and even restock the kitchen when necessary.

For you to be a good chef, you need to perfect your culinary skills. Also, you need to have adequate experience in this area. When it comes to the educational requirement, there are no restrictions.

As long as you get the much needed training in this field, you will be good to go. In fact, high-school diploma holders can become chefs and earn an income. As a chef, you can expect to earn $53,380 and above.

3. Pest Control Technician

Pest Control Technician

Pest can be a nuisance in our homes. This is the reason why most people normally invest in pest control services. The professionals who offer these services are commonly known as pest control technicians.

As a pest control technician, you will be mandated with spraying powdered, liquid or gaseous chemicals on or close to surfaces that have been infested by pests. You will also be mandated to set pest traps in both residential and commercial properties.

All you need to do is to be trained in this area and you will be good to go. Also, if you have a high-school diploma, you stand to have an added advantage. Finally, the more experience you have in handling different kinds of pests, the better. The median salary for a pest control technician is $37,820.

4. Electrician

how much is 5 figures

One of the main roles of an electrician is to install and repair electrical devices and wiring at home or at the workplace. In most cases, they are involved in the installation of pipes and electrical wires and cables in different houses, buildings and structures. As a result, they are able to light up these places. They also help solve any electrical fault that might be there in a certain home, school or even business premise.

If you want to become an electrician, you just need to have a high-school diploma. Better still, ensure that you attend a technical training school so that you can get the necessary skills in this field. Most electricians normally earn a median salary of $56,900.

5. Teacher Assistant

how much is 5 figures

The role of a teacher assistant is to offer the much-needed support to a teacher in charge of teaching a particular class. Here, a teacher assistant usually supervises different activities taking place in the class. This professional also plays a pivotal role in preparing lesson plans. In addition, this professional works with slow-learners in order to improve their learning.

For you to be a teacher assistant, you need to have a high-school diploma. Also, you need to enroll in a college where you can further your studies. Once you qualify to work as a teacher assistant, you can expect to earn a salary of $28,900.

Online Jobs With A 5-Figure Salary

With the advent of modern technology, you hardly need to work from a physical office in order to earn a decent salary or income. As we speak, you can now work from home and earn a 5 figure salary. Some of the common online jobs that can allow you earn such a salary include:

1. Freelance Writing

how much is 5 figures

One of the most popular ways to make money is to write articles and do assignments online. As long as you have perfected your writing skills and can follow the instructions given, be sure that you will get as many gigs as possible. Besides this, you will get more referrals from past clients who liked your work. This means that you will earn more money in the long run.

Apart from writing articles and doing assignments for different clients, you can choose to create blog posts, write e-books, promotional copies and so much more. The more you diversify your freelance writing the higher your chances of earning a 5 figure salary.

2. Blogging

how much is 5 figures

Besides freelance writing, you can consider blogging and earn an income. Here, you will be engaged in writing and publishing different blog posts on your own website for a particular audience.

As a blogger, you need to look for a topic that will attract your readers. This means that it should be both captivating and interesting. If you choose a good topic, you will be able to monetize your blog and earn an income. In addition, you should choose a niche that you like.

From health and fitness to food and drinks, there are different kinds of niche that you can narrow down to. More importantly, try to offer helpful answers in your blog posts. This will actually make your readers spend more time on your blogs and thus allow you to generate more income.

3. Creating YouTube Videos

how much is 5 figures

If you are passionate about content creation, you can start creating YouTube videos and earn an income. All you need to do is to take high quality video and then upload them on your YouTube channel.

As long as your videos are interesting, educational and captivating, be sure that you will get many viewers online. The more viewers you have, the higher the chances of getting a 5 figure salary.

4. Web Development

how much is 5 figures

With the current competition in the business arena, every businessperson wants to increase the visibility of his or her own business. This is the reason why most of them hire web developers to create and maintain websites for them. Therefore, your job will involve these two activities.

If you have a degree in Computer Science or any other related degree, be sure that you can work as a web developer. Besides this, if you have ever worked as a web developer in the past, you can hone your skills and become better. This will guarantee you a 5 figure salary or even more.

5. Influencer Marketing

how much is 5 figures

Apart from the 4 online jobs mentioned above, you can become a social media influencer and earn a 5 figure salary from promoting different brands online. From Facebook to Instagram, there are many social media platforms where you can promote these brands.

As long as you have many followers online, be sure that you will attract a lot of attention on nearly everything you post on these platforms. This will drive more traffic to the sites of the brand owners and consequently, enable you to make more money.

Final words

Since we have looked at how much is 5 figures, you can now be able to relate it with careers and monetary rewards that come with them. Also, you have looked at 3 figure and 4 figure salaries.

This will help you get the distinction between these salary scales. If you want to live a comfortable life, focus on earning a 5 figure salary. By earning this salary, you will be able to invest more, lead a comfortable life and even save more. This will in turn help you set better financial goals and manage your money properly.

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