How Long Is 2 Business Day? Everything You Need To Know

How Long Is 2 Business Day (Everything You Need To Know About Business Days) (1)

You must have heard of “business days” at some instant – whether you’re ordering something online or in your workplace. Being that said, you might wonder what does it mean when your courier company messages you, “You’ll receive your package in two to three business days”.

If you’re skeptical about how long is 2 business day and the difference between calendar days vs business days, you have come to the right spot. In this article, we have broken down the details about the time duration of specific business days and more. Keep reading if you want to know how long is 2 business day!

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Let’s Begin, Shall We?

While it would seem that two business days is equivalent to 48 hours (meaning two days of 24 hours each), this might not be the case depending on when you start counting those two days. So, the answer to “how long is 2 business day” is that IT DEPENDS!

First, you must know what a business day means. And later on, we’ll discuss the length of various business days.

What is a Business Day?


An ordinary business day is every working day except Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays. However, a business day is defined differently in different regions and based on local working hours. Different countries have different lengths for a business day. Still, a business day generally consists of one day, two days, three days, four days, three to five days, or seven to ten days. One thing you must know is that a business day is somehow different from a typical calendar day.

The majority of the businesses in the United States have work timing of 9 AM to 5 PM in a typical business day from Monday to Friday. While some stores may be open on weekends or after 5 PM, we generally define a business day as any day of the week between Monday and Friday and 9 AM to 5 PM as an eight-hour workday.

Depending on the industry, the notion of a business day may vary slightly from what is usually understood as a business day. Those in the banking or financial sectors, for instance, may have their own holidays and may be closed on certain days of the year. In contrast, other businesses may be open on their standard days of operation.

So, How Do We Calculate Business Days?

No hard and fast rule. It’s pretty simple. There are five business days a week: Monday through Friday. You can remove weekends from your calendar calculation if you set it to Business Days Only. Click the Saturday checkbox to include Saturdays in your calendar calculation. Meaning, all the days in a week (except Sunday and Saturday) are business days. And it’s how you count them. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

What Is The Major Difference Between Calendar Days And Business Days?

Major Difference Between Calendar Days And Business Day

Each official workday of the week counts as a business day. Workdays are commonly referred to as business days. These are typically the days between and including Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays and weekends. However, a calendar day is a civil day: that is, the period of time between midnight and midnight.

So, if someone refers to a business day, you must not assume it to be an ordinary calendar day. The business day has a limited work duration of 8 hours, whereas a calendar day, i.e. a civil day, holds an entire course of 24 hours. Your courier service updates you on the delivery considering business days, not those of the civil days. So, keep that in mind when you receive any update from their business.

Is Saturday A Business Day?

In most of the cases, no! The majority of countries around the world do not conduct official business on Saturdays. For these reasons, Saturdays are not regarded as business days. Official business days start in most countries from Monday through Friday, except on weekends and legal holidays.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned that the days that come between Mondays to Fridays are business days, since Saturday doesn’t come in between, it’s disqualified to be a business day.

Is Monday Counted As A Business Day?

How can it not? Monday is the first day of any business week. So, it’s definitely qualified as a significant business day.
How Many Workdays Or Business Days Do We Have In A Year?

The total count of business days or workdays in a year is 261 in a normal calendar.

Do Banks Consider Weekdays As Business Days?

Definitely not. Business days are entirely different from banking days. Although banks are typically open Monday through Saturday, the Postal Service does not include Saturday in its list of official business days.

What Do We Consider 5 Business Days From Today?

If there is still a lot of the day left on a workday, the same day will usually be included. For example, on a Monday at 10 AM, five business days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This means Friday would be the fifth day of the workweek. Since it’s 3:00 PM and you are approximately halfway through the day you are currently on, the remaining business day falls to the following Monday.

How Do We Calculate 2 Business Days From Right Now?

Under the concept of business days Monday through Friday, two consecutive days are considered two business days from now. It is possible to count a day as a business day if it is early enough in the morning. There is a chance that something shipped on Monday at 8 AM can reach the mail early enough to arrive on Tuesday, making Monday count as a business day. If you wait until Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday will count as business days.

How Long Is 3 Business Days?


On average, three business days equate to three calendar days on which the business is officially conducted. The business day will be three consecutive days if it begins on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Since Saturday and Sunday are not business days, the three business days will be carried to the next week if the business day starts on Thursday. If it starts on Thursday or Friday, it will take a minimum of 5 business days to complete the three business day’s duration.

How Long Are 4 Business Days?

Four business days typically equate to 32 working hours or office hours. Nevertheless, it cannot exceed 96 hours in total and can either occur within a week or over two weeks. This means that any day of the week except Saturday and Sunday counts as four business days. You will receive any product or service ordered on Monday by Thursday of the same week. However, suppose the four business days start from Wednesday. In that case, it will be Monday of the following week, and it will be six days in total, including Saturday and Sunday.
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How Long Is 3 To 5 Business Days?

Weekdays are considered to be business days, so 3 to 5 Business Days can be viewed as those days excluding the weekend. Therefore, if you ordered something on Wednesday, it may take between 5 and 7 working days, including Saturdays and Sundays. But if your 3 to 5 business days begin on Monday, then the delivery should arrive between Wednesday and Friday. Starting on Tuesday, Friday will be three business days, and next Tuesday will be five business days. You see, it’s that easy to count how long 3 to 5 business days are. Don’t freak out when your courier service informs you that your delivery will arrive in 3 – 5 business days.

How Long Is 10 Business Days?

It goes just like we calculated the duration of 2 business days and 3 to 5 business days. The following Wednesday will fall seven business days after Monday if the weekdays are Saturday and Sunday. On the same note, the Monday of the upper week will be ten days after Monday. Counting seven business days requires two additional days (Saturday, Sunday), and counting ten business days requires four additional days (two Saturdays, two Sundays). Now it must be easy to add and subtract days to determine the length of specific business days, right?

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Wrapping It Up!

Indeed, a good question “how long is 2 business day” was raised by you! The most straightforward answer to that it depends on your region and the days on which work operations are performed. If you have workdays from Monday through Friday, any two following days between Monday and Friday are two business days.

Did we miss anything? We’ll be happy to enrich your knowledge more on the dynamics of business days.
Just ask away, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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