15 Best Paying Jobs in Natural Gas Distribution


The natural gas distribution offers lucrative employment opportunities. Here are 15 best paying jobs in natural gas distribution industry.

The natural gas industry is one of the most versatile and lucrative industries. Like many other specialized industries like agriculture, mining, and commercial; it brings highly specialized personnel into the workforce.

You will see chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, data scientists, skilled accountants, and project managers in this industry. You can take these services as the best paying jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.

But the industry is not limited to top talent in the talent market. In addition to highly experienced and qualified personnel, this industry also employs unskilled and partially skilled labor.

You will also find drivers, plumbers, bookkeepers, and other executives. Interestingly, the money involved in the lucrative industry also cascades down to lower levels to some extent.

Here is all you need to know to build a career in the natural gas distribution industry.

Natural Gas Distribution Industry

The natural gas industry is vast and versatile. You find hundreds of faces and areas of this industry. You may know about the exploration and extraction side of this industry.

And like every other consumer of natural gas for your household, you may also know about its distribution and billing side. But many other niches come between the two areas.

The natural gas industry also tackles drilling and refining the gas, well-servicing, selling to corporations, and transportation to distribution companies for household distribution.

You see that natural gas distribution is the last part of the whole business chain of gas production and utilization. Still, it’s no smaller than other areas of the gas industry. Instead, its operations employ equally diverse professionals.

This niche not only requires the infrastructure of transporting the gas to the consumers using pipelines but it also involves maintaining these pipelines, managing the distribution, managing relations with the refineries, and billing.

All these operations require manpower. For starters, you need skilled employees to install and maintain the pipeline, managers who forecast and manage the operations, and environmental health professionals. Then, you need unskilled labor for transportation, data management, and billing.

Here are the best-paying jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.

1. Drilling Contractors

Drilling Contractors
Source: offshore-technology.com

You can see from its name that this job is not essentially a job. Instead, the related tasks are completed under contracts.

The drilling contractors are in high demand within the natural gas industry in businesses that excel in the production of fossil fuel.

These contractors specialize in managing and operating drilling equipment. They will help the natural gas businesses in finding new pockets of gas under the ground. They do so by offering drilling services.

In the natural gas distribution industry, they are responsible for drilling to enable the installation of pipelines for distribution.

If you are questioning, do alone contestants get paid, note that they do if they find relevant work with the right business and corporation.

As contractors, they are responsible for providing their own equipment. So, they own or rent the equipment to get to their job. Consequently, they are also responsible for the wear and tear and replacement of this equipment.

If you are looking to build a career as a drilling contractor, consider the upfront cost of your equipment on top of the learning costs you have to endure.

Also, note that drilling contractors need to network and market their services to reach their clients. That’s an additional skill you must have to succeed in this industry.

If you have the required skills and you know how to get the contracts, your average annual income as a drilling contractor can amount to $99,600.

2. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer
Source: yourfreecareertest.com

You may think that your degree in petroleum engineering can only help you get one of the best-paying jobs in integrated oil companies.

But that’s not the only destination you should be looking at. Instead, the natural gas industry also has a lot to offer to you.

Essentially, the job of a petroleum engineer is to assess a well to determine the condition of reserves in it. With this knowledge, they help with the research, development, extraction, refining, and distribution of petroleum products.

These engineers also help the natural gas distribution companies to keep a track of the composition of gas from them. Their work is highly specialized and companies hire and retain them within their engineering department.

Depending on the skill level, you will find them earning an annual income between $82,000 and $120,000.

3. Project Engineer

Project Engineer
Source: careerguide.com

These highly skilled engineers serve at the top tier of their respective companies. They are responsible for working on-site. Unlike drilling contractors, you will find product engineers to be a regular part of the organization.

In the petroleum and natural gas industry, their task is to research the site and develop adequate strategies for drilling.

When it comes to the distribution end of the natural gas industry, they make suggestions on the installation of drilling equipment based on the site, its structure, and distances from the consumers.

They are also responsible for recommending the right equipment that should be used for every site they have inspected.

They not only make recommendations but also take the responsibility of supervising the installation and drilling projects from start to end.

They will work along with the worker to determine if the plan is proceeding in the right direction, suggesting ways to improve along the way.

To work in the natural gas distribution industry as a project engineer, you must have a degree in engineering with minors in project management or business. Plus, you should get on-job training to understand the ins and outs of this job.

A project engineer earns an annual salary of $82,000 on average.

4. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer
Source: eece.wustl.edu

You may have known chemical engineering as one of the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables. But that’s just one of the many industries that get help from chemical engineers.

In essence, chemical engineers serve a lot of industries, and petroleum and natural gas industries are the most prominent of these.

In natural gas development and extraction companies, these engineers determine the composition of the fossil fuel leading to determining its worth.

For the distribution side of this industry, these engineers help with the design of the distribution system by suggesting the effect of the weather on the fossil.

They earn between $70,000 and $100,000 annually.

5. Design Engineers

Design Engineers
Source: betterteam.com

Skilled in communication skills, these engineers are tasked with planning the construction project. They oversee the design and structure of pipeline installation after understanding the well, its distance from the consumer of the fossil fuel, and the composition of the fossil while also considering the costs of the project.

They have to ensure minimum waste of fuel during transportation.

Design engineers earn between $75,000 and $96,000 per year.

6. Engineering Program Managers

Engineering Program Managers
Source: offshore-technology.com

These are the strategic-level personnel who oversee a load of engineering tasks within the company. These managers have more than decades of experience under their belt and they are employed by large corporations with multiple engineering projects in the pipeline.

These engineers can come from different engineering backgrounds plus have relevant experience in the natural gas distribution industry.

If you have the right knowledge and skills, you may explore the natural gas distribution industry for career growth.

Or you may check if oilfield services equipment is a good career path for you or not. As a strategic-level engineering manager, you can earn an annual salary of $78,000 on average.

7. Construction Managers

Construction Managers
Source: investopedia.com

These managers are entrusted to oversee the construction and installation operation. They organize the teams, coordinate the development with decision-makers in the business, and manage the material and equipment required for the job.

They don’t have to be engineers but a similar specialty can increase their chances of success for them.
Construction managers earn an annual salary between $78,000 and $150,000.

8. Environmental Health Officer

Environmental Health Officer
Source: careerswales.gov.wales

They should have knowledge and insight into the building codes that prevail in the location they are operating. They consider the environmental impact of energy consumption within buildings.

For the natural gas distribution industry, these executives have to assess and advise safe distance between the pipeline from water supply and inflammable devices.

They get an average of $100,000 in the United States annually.

9. Project Manager

Project Manager
Source: kepner-tregoe.com

Installation of pipelines and their maintenance is the largest input these distribution companies have to offer. These tasks recur periodically when a new source is developed or a new customer needs a dedicated pipeline.

Project managers are responsible to coordinate and oversee all the aspects of these jobs from start to finish. They supervise the design, procurement, management of human resources and teams, construction, and ongoing matters of these tasks.

The average salary of these managers ranges between$77,000 and $140,000.

10. Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager
Source: studyworkgrow.com.au

Distribution managers are entrusted to oversee the distribution process. They have to ensure that the end product meets the quality standards promised by the company.

Plus, they have to keep the delivery equipment – that is gas pipeline in the natural gas distribution industry – up-to-date and well-serviced.

They also work with vendors to negotiate the best rates. Also, planning for new distribution channels falls on their shoulders.

Their salary range lies between $65,000 and 116,000 annually.

11. Transportation Managers

Transportation Managers
Source: ziprecruiter.com

You may have taken transportation management as one of the best-paying jobs in the capital goods industry or the best-paying jobs in marine transportation.

And that’s for a good reason. These executives offer significant input into this industry. But it doesn’t mean that these candidates have nothing to offer to the oil and gas industry.

Instead, they are in demand within the natural gas distribution industry to transport equipment and material for gas distribution.

Plus, they also oftentimes take care of transporting human resources for the said businesses.
Their salaries range between $66,000 and $100,000 annually.

12. Project Accountant

Project Accountant
Source: payblog.org

Project accountants help the project managers in defining the budget for a project. In later stages, they will oversee if the budget is being followed and take the record. They also help with observing the process to ensure that the books depict reality.

In the gas distribution industry, their job mostly revolves around the construction and installation of the pipeline.

Their salary ranges between $57,000 and $77,000 annually.

13. Distribution Center Supervisor

Distribution Center Supervisor
Source: freepik.com

They are tasked with the management and operations of distribution centers. They look after logistics and procure equipment for maintenance and installation when needed.

During the installation phase, they have to coordinate with the construction manager and contractors to promptly procure of schedule to procure the equipment when needed.

They also coordinate with the vendors for procurement of the fossil fuel.

Annually, they earn a salary that ranges between $55,000 and $80,000.

14. Driller

Source: reuters.com

Drillers are the skilled workers who are responsible to operate drilling equipment. It’s a must for these workers to understand and abide by the safety protocols of these pieces of equipment.

Within the natural gas distribution industry, they have to connect the pipeline with the gas reservoir. As you can see the work is not much strategic. Instead, they have to use their experience and knowledge to determine which tools to use for which job.

They earn between $50,000 and $60,000 annually.

15. Gas Technician

Gas Technician
Source: indeed.com

Gas technicians can be employed by distribution companies to take up the maintenance work regarding gas pipelines. Others will work on a freelance or contract basis working at commercial or residential buildings.

These technicians have to take care of the distribution equipment including pipeline and faucets. They also handle the installation of this equipment at homes and offices.

They earn between $43,000 and $90,000 annually.

Take Away

These were the fifteen best-paying jobs in the natural gas industry. Because of the similarity of operations, some of these may overlap with the best paying jobs in the electric utilities central industry as well.

So, if you have the right skills and supporting academic background, you can earn top dollars within relevant businesses.

Most of these jobs are engineering-related and require a bachelor’s or master’s degree to launch your career. Others are more experience focused and want you to understand the operations for managerial-level positions.

In the end, some of them are also skilled and unskilled professions that can be taken up with trade school certificates.

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