Best Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Start Career

Finance consumer services are crucial to the economy and deliver vital assistance to consumers. You will be liable for providing clients with analysis and advice on handling their finances. A finance consumer services job can be very rewarding financially and professionally.

Personal finance has evolved into a trending topic lately. People are even increasingly shifting to the internet and social media for acquiring guidance on how to manage their money. Consequently, there is a growing need for financial advice and services.

Inflation and uncertainty about the country’s economic future mean they are more cautious about spending and saving routines.

if you are scrutinizing a career in finance, consumer services is a great place to start with. There are multiple units of finance consumer services. Still, some of the most popular comprise accountants, loan officers, and investment banking.

Each of these areas has different job duties and salary packages.

After reading this article, you will learn the best paying jobs in finance consumer services and what qualifications you require to get initiated.

What are Educational Requirements for Finance Consumer Services Jobs

Bachelor’s degree is the most common educational requirement for finance consumer services jobs. An applicant with a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, or any related field is relatively preferable by many employers.

Along with a bachelor’s degree, you may also require to obtain certain certifications and courses. It depends on the nature of the job you are interested in. Regardless, a high school diploma is sufficient for many jobs.

For instance, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) held the Series 79 and Series 63 exams; investment bankers have to qualify.

If insurance agents want to sell insurance products, they must clear state-specific exams.

Financial planners must receive a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

What are Your Duties as a Finance Consumer Service Provider?

Consumer services are normally jumbled up with customer services, yet, these conceptions are completely different. Consumer services are immaterial goods delivered to most people and companies. You might have seen consumer services all around you without witnessing that they are classified.

They are dispersed in many different domains, such as education, finance, health care, tourism, recreation, etc.

It is worth saying that consumer services differ from customer services because the latter is the help companies deliver to their clients. This support could vary from announcing the customers to providing services after purchases.

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services

1. Accountants (Average salary: $77,250)

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Kick Start Your Successful Career

An accountant is an expert who upholds and reviews financial papers. Accountants are categorized into two main types: private and corporate.

Private accountants work with individuals to ensure they keep track of their finances and file taxes correctly.
Corporate accountants work for businesses to ensure they’re financially fit and compliant with laws. Accountants need to have excellent attention to fragments and be very organized.

They also need to be able to explain financial concepts in a way that non-experts can comprehend.
To become an accountant, you ought to get an accounting degree from a well-reputed university. Multiple universities of all kinds are offering an abundance of offline and online programs.

You’ll even need to pass the Uniform CPA Examination, a national test administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

An average salary of an accountant is $77,250 per year. Regardless, become an associate at an accounting firm or start your accounting practice. You can make much more money.

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2. Financial Analyst (Average salary: $81,410)

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Kick Start Your Successful Career

A financial analyst is a professional who provides awareness about investments, markets, and economic trends. They analyze data to recognize opportunities and provide recommendations to clients. Banks, Insurance companies, and investment firms need Financial analysts.

A financial analyst’s job is to find market trends and recommend investments consequently. It demands a lot of research, analysis, and critical thinking.

This position imposes high responsibility.

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree. But a candidate with a master’s degree or higher is preferable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a $81,410 median salary for financial analysts.

If you’re up for the challenge, it’s also a well-paying job.

3. Chief  Financial Officer (CFO) (Average salary: $158,000)

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Kick Start Your Successful Career

The chief financial officer is responsible for managing the company’s financial activities along with various tasks, including tracking cash flows, driving financial planning, and analyzing the weakness and strengths of the company.

Calculating risk and devising investment strategies also fall under the umbrella of the CFO’s responsibilities. CFO’s average salary is approximately $142,619 to $158,000.

4. Chief  Investment Officer (CIO) (Average salary: $145,000)

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Kick Start Your Successful Career

Assuring a chief investment officer role requires a high level of skills and experience. A chief investment officer can greatly impact an organization’s financial success if you’re interested in working as a chief investment officer. You can benefit from comprehending the necessary skills and duties for the role.

The chief investment officer suggests investments, encounters shareholders, and cooperates with an investment team. They work to control and enhance the profitability and resilience of the organization’s investment portfolio.

Daily tasks include meeting with investors, researching opportunities, managing assets, creating reports, and collaborating with the investment team.

Chief investment officer is a senior-level role that needs candidates to have experienced skills and knowledge. Acquiring relevant experience through training, higher education, and similar positions can support you develop and strengthen crucial skills.

Experience and a portfolio of past investment work show your abilities and growth throughout your employment and permit you to assess areas for revision.

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5. Financial Advisor (Average salary: $94,170)

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Kick Start Your Successful Career

As the name suggests, financial advisors guide clients on how to manage their money in the best way. Normally you can find them in banks, investment firms, and insurance companies. They evaluate a client’s risk factors and suggest the most secure policies.

Financial advisors have in-depth knowledge of financial rules and regulations. They must have strong communication skills for effective communication and relationship-building with clients.

A bachelor’s degree is vital to get started as a financial advisor. Still, many employers want a master’s degree.
Most financial advisor positions also demand certification, such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

If you’re up for the challenge, it’s a very rewarding job, both financially and personally. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for financial advisors is $94,170.

6. Banking Officer (Average salary: $75,000)

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Kick Start Your Successful Career

A Bank officer is a bank employee, usually a bank branch manager, assistant manager, or loan officer. Performs multiple tasks including processing client requests, generating reports, handling loan applications, approving documents, and supervising daily banking operations.

Their primary responsibility is to guarantee client satisfaction and bank efficiency, along with the resolution of clients’ conflicts and objections.

A bank officer also provides training and mentorship to the team when required.

A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business is necessary. However, some positions require only a high school diploma or equivalent education.

Complete knowledge of banking operations, management of bank staff, good communication skills, and ability to lead training, are demanding skills for a bank officer position.

The current average salary of a bank officer is approximately $75000. There is an expectation this career will grow by 8% in the next 10 years.

7. Investment Banker (Average salary: $62,910)

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Kick Start Your Successful Career

An investment banker is a financial advisor who assists clients raise capital by allocating and trading securities. Investment bankers typically work for banks, but many independent firms also exist. They work with clients to determine opportunities, make recommendations, and provide financial planning suggestions.

We all understand the tale of the Wall Street banker. Working for 100-hour weeks, earning millions of dollars, and living a luxurious life. That’s not completely untrue; only top dogs lead a life like that.

A bachelor’s degree is a must for becoming an investment banker, along with the clearance of the Series 79 and Series 63 exams administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

They said investment banking is still well-paying, even if you’re not at the top. It isn’t easy to find real salary data for this job title, as it often gets pooled with others. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a $62,910 yearly average salary.

8. Compliance Analyst (Average salary: $75,036)

12 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services to Kick Start Your Successful Career

Compliance analysts are accountable for ensuring their company’s financial practices comply with regulatory standards. They may work with auditors to review financial records, develop compliance plans, or train employees on compliance issues.

A bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field is necessary to become a compliance analyst. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, compliance officers earn an average salary of $75,036.

9. Credit Analyst (Average salary: $58,066)


Credit analyst is a professional that analyzes credit data and financial information of a company or individual who applies for credit or loans in order to determine whether the company or individual returns a loan to a bank or financial institution or not.

Percentage of risk is used as a reference to accept or reject loan applications.

After that terms and conditions for loan and interest rate are determined and financial analysts generate reports that help in decision making about loan or credit line.

Credit analyst is responsible for communication with clients for verification of their financial/credit transactions and to clarify their complaints.

Evaluation of client’s financial statements and credit data, recommendation of payment plans, assist supply chain and marketing department in managing financial orders. A bachelor’s degree is needed in order to start a career in the field of credit analyst.

Basic understanding of the following areas of study is necessary: Accounting, Finance, Financial statement analysis, Risk assessment.

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10. Stock Broker (Average salary: $24,000 starter)


A stockbroker is an expert who trades stocks as a representative of clients, normally working for banks, investment firms, and fintech companies. They thoroughly know the stock market, companies, risks, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses.

But the most important characteristic is building relationships and clear communication with clients. These people peek for a trusted member to handle their finances and boost their portfolio over time.

Being a stockbroker is one of the most stylish jobs out there. In fact, many people have started working as their stockbrokers in recent years. But it’s not a cup of tea. It would help if you had deep insight into the stock market before you could start advising others on what to buy and sell.

The good news is that if you’re booming, it’s a very well-paying job. The more money you make through your talents, your earnings grow. Your performance will decide your salary.

11. Insurance Advisor (Average salary: $54,575)


An insurance advisor is a professional who provides guidance to clients in choosing the best insurance policies. After assessing risk factors, they devise the most secure policies. Insurance advisors are not exclusively present in insurance companies but also in banks and investment firms.

It depends upon the type of insurance they are dealing with: Life insurance, auto insurance, or health insurance.

Experts made a complete financial analysis, including taxes, liabilities, risk analysis, and insurance.
After thorough analysis, they suggest an insurance policy. Their average salary is about $54,575 per year.

12. Loan officer (Average salary: $63,380)


A loan officer is a specialist who assists people in getting loans from banks and other financial organizations.

They commonly work for banks, credit unions, and fintech companies. Loan authorities have outstanding learning of the different types of loans available and the eligibility conditions for each one. They also need to build relationships and communicate virtually with clients.

To become a loan officer, you’ll require a degree in finance or a related field from an accredited university.
The average salary of loan officers is $63,380 per year. However, if you are working in a large bank or financial institution, you can earn much more money.
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Finance consumer services are at their peak. People are scrutinizing ways to save and invest their hard-earned money. As the stock market is becoming volatile, there are many chances for people to easily make money.

Finance consumer services is a broad field that has the potential to emerge in multiple best-paying job opportunities.

Today a lot of people have a lot of money. They wanted to increase it many fold but inadequate knowledge about finance is a big hindrance in the way of investment.

Here come finance consumer service agents in the picture. who helps people in the identification of opportunities, and ways to minimize risk, so that they can have a sustainable income source.

We have curated a list of the 12 best jobs in finance consumer services.Spell out what you want to accomplish, and how to drag your strengths to land into a well-paying career. With a bit of hard work, you can generate a lot of money in finance consumer services.

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