Area Code 866: Location, Time Zone, Scammers And Toll Free?

Your competitor uses it and so does your supplier. And you are interested in knowing their reasons. Is area code 866 reserved for businesses? If it is, what is the logic behind this limitation?

You are also interested in the benefits this area code retains for a business. Let’s know some background of this area code and how it can benefit your business.

What Is Area Code 866?

This area code makes part of a series of the USA area codes that are reserved for businesses. Their specialty lies in their toll-free nature. In short, those businesses who want to build a close relationship with their customers get a number with this code to foster communication.

It allows the customers to call the business without incurring the cost of calling. As the toll of making a call is not paid by the callers, these area codes are widely known as toll-free codes.

What Are The Costs Of Calling The 866 Area Code Number?

When they say toll-free number, they mean that the customers will not incur any cost when calling the business with this number. Instead, this cost will fall upon the businesses that are using this number.

The same applies to customers calling from Canada and other 22 countries which are covered by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

Benefits Of Toll-Free Numbers For Businesses

As we can see the biggest advantage of using a toll-free number for a business is making communication easier for the customers. They can call you for any suggestion or complaint without worrying about their telephone bill.

But you may also get some secondary benefits from this number. First, this number tells your customers that you mean business. The chances of scams with toll-free numbers are significantly lower than they are with other numbers with geographical codes.

Secondly, as the number is reserved for businesses, you will get minimal incoming calls from so-called wrong numbers. I doubt that it will make a concern for your customer care team, though.

How Can You Get A Toll-Free Number For Your Business?

Are you convinced to get a toll-free number for your business? If you are, the next steps are quite simple for you.

After contacting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the application process, you will be directed to RespOrgs (Responsible Organizations). This department allocates the number on a first come first serve basis. Oftentimes, you may have to join an auction to get the code for your business.

Area Code 866 Location

Although the closest businesses in your supply chain are using this code, you are still skeptical. You are thinking about the location. Will this code serve your location as well?

Where Is Area Code 866?

Never mind, the area code is applicable across the whole country. In fact, your customers from Canada and the Caribbean would also use this number without fearing the extra costs of calling.

This is true for most toll-free numbers available to businesses. These codes do not represent a geographical location rather they are tied to businesses and organizations.

With this understanding, you can also conclude the time zone that applies to this area code. Although you can make a quick, ‘search 614 area code time zone’ or ‘204 area code time zone’ to simply find the time zone of the person you are calling, you cannot do so to find the time for businesses with 866 area code.

As it isn’t limited to a certain location, the area code 866 time zone covers all time zones valid across the country. If your customer is calling you from Canada and doesn’t know your location on the US map, you can expect them to call after office hours – that is unless you have given them the working hours you observe with information about your time zone.

How To Call A Number With Area Code 866?

If you have used a toll-free number to market your business, you shouldn’t worry about customers not understanding its use. Dialing this number is similar to dialing any other number in the country with the format 1-866-number.

Can I Text A Number With This Code?

If you want your customers to text this number, you can also enable this feature. However, note that not every toll-free number extends the texting feature by default. Instead, you have to activate this feature on your phone if you want.

Is 866 Area Code A Scam?

We have noted that the level of trust among customers and potential customers increases with a toll-free number. Yet, it doesn’t guarantee an absence of suspicion from them altogether.

Nowadays, customers know that although difficult, toll-free numbers are not impossible to attain by scammers. Considering this, there remains a possibility of area code 866 scams.

Yet, because the chances decrease with enforcement of a toll-free number, they are more likely to pick calls from these numbers than they would from unknown numbers from other area codes.

Can I Block A Number With Area Code 866?

You should note that this area code doesn’t eliminate the possibility of customers ignoring or blocking your calls. They are always in control of whose call they receive. Plus they can also choose to block your number even if it comes with area code 866.

The process of blocking this code is similar to blocking any other number using the phone’s inbuilt blocking feature.

What Are The Area Codes Reserved For Toll-Free Numbers?

At the beginning of the article, we have mentioned that 866 is not the only area code that relates to businesses. There is a whole series of such numbers.

The 888 area code makes one of the most famous of these numbers. Others are 800, 833, 844, 855, and 877. Just like 866, all these codes eliminate the cost of calling for customers calling from all over the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Take Away

Area code 866 can be a beneficial addition to your business’ communication system as it will allow your customers to contact you without worrying about the costs of communication. You can get the code from RespOrgs. However, the process will be more complicated than it would be for other area codes.

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