Area Code 813: Location, Time Zone, Scammers And Toll Free?


Are you getting unsolicited calls with an area code 813? Before you pick the call, you want to know the area that this call is coming from.After all, you don’t want to pick a scam call.
But you are still concerned: it can be from your relative living in another state. Or it can be your business contact calling you.

You don’t want to miss the information that may come from that call. But you are wary. You also don’t want to waste your time listening to scammers’ schemes.

It’s understandable!

And you have a solution to end this suspicion. Know the area from where this call is coming and search your contacts to know if you have any relatives living in that area.

Let’s learn all the information you need about this area code.

What Is Area Code 813?

This area code applies to the state of Florida. It was the second area code assigned to the state after 305 in 1953. The 813 code had to serve the western coast of Florida.

Under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), this area code is valid for the western coast of the state of Florida not only across the country but in Canada and 22 other countries that use NANP.

Area Code 813 Location

If you want to know where is 813 area code is so you can guess the person calling you, know these major cities that are covered by the code.

We understand that the code applies to the western coast of Florida which means that it covers major cities including Tampa, Bloomingdale, Riverview, and Carrollwood.

Area Code 813 Time Zone

The time zone of this area code aligns with that of its state – Florida. Out of the two time zones that prevail in the state, the 813 code uses the Eastern Time zone. For the Florida time zone, the Eastern Time zone covers most of the state except its western part. The Western locations in Florida use the Central Time zone.

What Cities Does Area Code 813 Serve?

This Tampa area code includes many cities that surround the Tampa area. These include Seffner, Westchase, Pasadena Hills, Ruskin, Northdale, Gibsonton, Connerton, Citrus Park, Cheval, Zephyrhills West, Brandon, and Carrollwood.

Are Calls from Area Code 813 Scam?

813 is an area code just like any other area code that is bound to a geographical location. It can represent any person with legit as well as scam reasons for calling.

There are a few area codes that extend a higher level of guarantee against scam calls because of their nature. These codes are toll-free codes and they offer this extra immunity because it is not easy for people to obtain these codes for their personal or business use.

One has to go through a thorough application process that focuses on one’s business presence before assigning the code.

Because of their stricter rules of attaining toll-free numbers, fewer scam businesses have access to these numbers. Yet the possibility of scam remains for these numbers but it’s marginal when considered against the possibility of scam that comes with other area codes.

Unfortunately, the only way to detect area code 813 scams is to attend the call coming with this code. Once you have received the call – and assuming that it came to persuade you to make a transaction – you can always check the details with a quick search on the internet regarding the business.

In case the search results don’t look positive, you should block the number with the blocking and screening features available on your phone.

Is Area Code 813 Toll-Free?

If an 813 area code represents a business contact for you, you might want to know if the code is toll-free or not to understand the cost associated with calling.

In essence, toll-free numbers allow the caller to call without incurring call charges. These charges are later paid by the receiver who is using this toll-free number.

Note that 813 is not a toll-free number. In other words, you – as a caller – will bear the cost of calling.

Future Outlook

Just like most other area codes covered under North American Numbering Plan, the area code 813 is quickly running out of combinations to be assigned as phone numbers.

Considering this shortage of numbers, the location will soon receive its new area code.

This introduction of new code will not disturb the current consumers whose numbers along with their prefixes will remain unchanged. Instead, this change in the numbering plan will affect the new consumers getting a telephone connection.

In other words, these areas will retain the old code and also receive the new one. Such a method of adding an area code to an area with existing code is called the overlay method. The addition of the 448 area code was one recent example of such additions among Florida area codes.

Tampa area’s new code will be 656. It will be introduced into the plan from January 2022 and the introduction will be completed by February 2022.

Thankfully, the dialing process of these codes will not change. Once implemented, you should be able to dial the number with an area code – number format currently prevailing.

Take Away

Area code 813 serves the western part of Central Florida. It observes the Eastern Time zone just like any other area code in the central part of the state. It was the second code assigned to this state and will soon receive an additional area code to provide for increasing demand.

If you are getting calls from this number, someone in Tamp and neighboring cities is calling you. If you still can’t guess the caller’s identity, take it as a call from a business representative. Know that this area code is not protected against the scams by the RespOrgs (Responsible Organizations) that governs the issuance of the toll-free number.

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