888 Area Code: Location, Time Zone, Scammers And Toll Free?

Have you ever received calls from a number with an 888 area code? If you did and you accepted the call, what was it about?

Most probably the caller would be asking you about a recent transaction you have done, a complaint about a product you have filed, or a purchase query you have raised.

If not that, they might be calling you to upsell on a purchase you have made in the past.
In any case, the call should have only come from a business. So, does it mean that the 888 code is related to businesses?

Of course! And there is a reason for which businesses prefer to use this code over others. Here is all you need to know about this code and its benefits.

What Does 888 Mean?

The North American Numbering Plan has extended this code to use for organizations and customer service desks. It is a toll-free number that is not only recognized across the United States but Canada and the Caribbean also recognize it.

Area Code 888 Timezone

Most area codes in the United State comply with specific time zones. It’s because the area codes are meant to represent certain areas of the United States of America.

However, the 888 area code isn’t used on the basis of the area or time zone. Instead, it shows the business nature of the owner of this code. Hence, there is no timezone for this area code.

Why Do Businesses Use This Code?

Why Do Businesses Use This Code

It is most desired among businesses because it’s toll-free. In other words, when a business has this area code, their customers can contact them from their landline number without incurring costs. It will be the business that will pay the cost of this phone call.

In short, this is a tool to support frank communication among businesses and their clients.

Is It Scam?

If you are at the receiving end of this call, you might have wondered about its origin before picking it up. You might have considered the possibility of a scam before accepting this call. In most cases, people behind these numbers represent legit businesses.

But that’s not a guarantee. The only way to know if it’s a legit business or not is to show the same level of vigilance you would show to any other incoming call. Take the call and inquire about their business and activity. Then, look them up on the internet and see if the number matches with the detail they have expressed.

Go that extra mile and read the reviews if you find yourself interested in dealing with them.
And if you are still skeptical about the intent behind the call, you can always block the number.

How To Block The Number?

Blocking an 888 area code is the same as blocking any other number on your phone.
If you are using Android, you have to select the details of this call from Recent Calls. On the screen showing details, you can use the option to block this number.

Those who are using iPhone should tap the encircled I to get an option for more information. There, they can choose the block option.

How To Call 888 Area Code?

On the contrary, you may want to reconnect with the caller once you have verified their details. Note that the process of making this call is similar to that of dialing any other number. You have to type 1-888-number before tapping the dial option.

How To Text?

If instead of getting on a call with the representative of your vendor you choose to text, you may want to know if the vendor offers that option. Not every 888 code user enables a messaging facility. If your vendor has enabled this option, you can text them just like you would text some other number.

How to Get The Code For Your Business?

If you are interested in making your business stand out through this code, you can also avail this facility.

The application process requires you to visit Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There you will have to get the number from Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs). The department gives off this area code through auction.

Benefits Of 888 Area Code

This area code is attractive to businesses because of two reasons. First, it eliminates a barrier to customer-to-business communication by claiming the costs involved in this communication.

Now, clients can get their problems solved without worrying about phone bills. The cost is also eliminated for customers living in Canada and the Caribbean.

In other words, the charges for long-distance calls that usually apply for calls coming from these regions will be borne by the business having this toll-free number.

Although the immediate cost of communication increases significantly with this practice, the businesses see it as advantageous because of open communication and the free exchange of ideas and complaints.

This strategy is most desired by those businesses that are highly dependent on customer satisfaction. These include banking, tourism, and delivery services and software providers. Also, the target clients for these are consumers and small businesses instead of businesses.

Second, this area code for toll-free numbers gives a unique validation to the business. When a customer – or potential customer – receives their call from a toll-free number, they assume that the business is a responsible organization.

Although this is not always the case, the number of scams and fictitious businesses with toll-free numbers are low. This ratio of real and competent versus fake businesses helps the business with this area code to gain customers’ trust more easily.

Other Toll-Free Area Codes

888 is not the only area code that represents the business nature of the holder. You can find multiple variations of this area code. All the toll-free area codes have 8 as the first digit. These include 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, and 877.

822 is another area code that the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) plans to launch with the same intent of keeping it toll-free.

Take Away

888 area code serves those businesses that are interested in keeping the communication lines open and easy for their clients. It does so by eliminating the monetary investment from the client.

If you want this code for your business, the process may not be very simple and you have to rely on the auction or time of application to get hold of the code.

Yet, if you succeed in attaining it, the trust among your customers as well as potential customers will skyrocket.

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