707 Area Code: Location, Time Zone, Scammers And Toll Free?

What is 707 area code from where you are receiving these calls? Here is the answer!
How was your first encounter with area code 707? Did you get introduced to it because you received a call with it? Or you might have the chance to call a number with this area code.

There is a fair chance that the basis of your introduction didn’t come from a phone call, rather you heard about it in 2014 when E-40 released his hit – 707.

If you got a call from this number or if you know it from the song, you would want to know what area code is 707. After all, its fame demands recognition.

Before we name all the cities with this area code, let me tell you the nature of the numbers having this area code. This code is available for public use. Unlike toll-free numbers – that are only issued to businesses and organizations – this one is available to anyone residing or working in the area of this code.

Where Is 707 Area Code?

Are you getting a call from an unknown number with the 707 area code? Or do you want to decipher the location of that business contact you have recently got acquainted with?

Your question is from where this area code is coming from. What time zone does it represent? How far away it is from your residence or office.

This area code applies to the northwestern part of California. Santa Rosa makes the biggest city for the population under this area code. Other area code 707 cities are Fairfield, Napa, Vacaville, Vallejo, Suisun City, Petaluma, Eureka, and Rohnert Park.

The counties covered by this code include Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake, Del Norte, and Trinity. Apart from Trinity, the code serves most of the population of these counties.

What 707 Area Code?

So, we have established that 707 is an area code that only serves a defined area. In contrast with this code is a toll-free area code that is open to use across the States but is limited to organizations only.

Let’s see some history of this code. Previously, this area of northwestern California combined with San Francisco and had an area code 415. This situation persisted till 1959.

On March 1, 1959, the North American Numbering Plan separated the northwestern part of the state from San Francisco by giving the earlier another 707 area code. The divide was a flash-cut move with no permissive dialing period between announcement and implementation.

Later, because of the increase in population, the authority had to divide 415 into seven additional codes. These included 209, 408, 510, 559, 650, 831, and 925. Now, the original code of the territory only covers San Francisco and some parts of Marin County.

707 Area Code Time Zone

Santa Rosa area code applies to northwestern parts of California, its time zone is what applies to California – that is Pacific Time zone or Los Angeles Time zone. And because the whole state of California observes the Pacific Time zone, the 415 area code time zone is also PT.

Are Calls from 707 Area Code Scam?

Let’s get back to the original question, ‘Who is calling me with the area code of 707? Is he a scammer? Should I trust the number?’

We can answer the first question: the person behind the call relates to northwestern California because of his residence, or work, or both. Oh, and don’t confuse it with the 715 area code; the latter is reserved for Wisconsin.

But we may not answer the other questions as their answers vary from case to case. We can only confirm the scam nature of a number when it comes with a 348 area code. It is because this area code remains unassigned by the North American Numbering Plan.

As a Vallejo area code is easy to obtain for any person residing or working in this area, the person behind the call can be anyone. He could be your family or business contact or he could be a representative from a legit or scam business.

If the person claims to be a salesperson and you are also convinced of the transaction he is proposing, investigate their presence from virtual or real searches. Read the reviews they have on their internet presence and look them up from the local directories.

You may also want to see if the number they are using to call you is also listed on their web page or Google listing.

If you are concerned about whether or not to trust this business, you should either rely on the reviews you can get about them online and offline or you should search for its competitors who look more reliable and buy from them.

Also, note that it’s a common practice among businesses to use toll-free numbers to connect with their customers. If a business uses an area code that is not toll-free, its ability to gain the trust of the clients declines significantly.

Future Outlook

Because of the rising population of this area, this area code will soon run out of available prefixes. The estimated year for this depletion is 2023. At that time, the area will get another area code. The two codes will be shared by the same territory on an overlay basis.

In other words, all the counties and cities that are using the 707 code will be eligible for the new code.

Take Away

The quick search of what is 707 Area code will lead you to several cities and counties in northwestern California. The number may or may not be a scam depending on who is using this but the likelihood of it being a scam is higher than the likelihood for a toll-free area code to be a scam.

This area code was devised in 1959 as a split from the original 415 area code that applied in most parts of California. From 2023, this area code is planned to share the territory with another area code because of increased demand.

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