646 Area Code: Location, Time Zone, Scammers And Toll Free?


An in-depth analysis of the popular 646 area code. Learn important details about this particular area code and you should treat the calls you receive from here.

Whenever you receive a call from an unknown area code, alarms start ringing in your ears. A lot of people start to panic because they have no idea where the call is coming from.

Learning about different area codes can come in handy. It can help you decide whether you should answer the call or not.

Having the basic information about different area codes can prove to be useful for you down the line. It can help you decide if the call is worth answering or not. This basic knowledge can save you from different phone scams. Knowing about an area code can also save you from questions like ‘what is this area code?’ when you receive a call from it.

So, if you have limited or no knowledge about the 646 area code, this article might come in handy for you;

What State Does The 646 Area Code Cover?

If you ever find yourself asking the question ‘what is the location of area code 646 ?’, then this section can help you out. The 646 area code operates in the large state of New York. This area code became a part of the North American Number Plan or NANP in 1999.

Since then, the 646 area code can be used to dial numbers in Manhattan, New York. Around 2000, this particular code covered the entire Manhattan area. However, today it is one of the four area codes that are used here. Other codes include the 332, the 917, and the 212 area code.

This area code was added as a way to deal with the ever-increasing businesses and residents in the Manhattan borough. Because of this, the 646 area code has become a part of the long list of New York area codes that exist today with the 307 area code.

How To Make Calls To A Number That Has The 646 Area Code?

Dialing a number with a new US area code can be challenging for some people. To make a call to a number that has the 646 area code, you need basic information about the NANP. Similar to the 929 area code, the 646 area code allows three types of dialing when you are trying to contact a number. These three types include;

7-Digit Dialing

If you are dialing the number locally, you just need to enter the 7-digit number without the area code.

10-Digit Dialing

If you are trying to dial the number from a different state, you need to enter a 3-digit area code followed by the number.

11-Digit Dialing

This dialing method is to be followed if you are calling from a different country. In this case, you need to enter a single-digit country code followed by a 3-digit area code and a 7-digit number.

The dialing procedure of the 646 area code is identical to that of the 929 area code. You are required to follow these steps if you want to call a 646 number.

What Time Zone Do You Need To Follow When Calling A 646 Area Code Number?

It is a great idea to follow the specific time zone when you are looking to call a number in a certain area. For instance, if you are looking to call an 844 area code number, you need to follow the GMT-9 time zone.

Similarly, if you want to dial a 646 area code number, you need to follow the EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) time zone. It is also known as the GMT-4 time zone during the spring and summer seasons. However, for the rest of the year, you should follow the GMT-5 time zone.

The time zone factor can be extremely important if you are calling from a different state or country. If you do not keep this in mind, you might end up disturbing people at odd hours of the night.

Business hours are set according to the time in the area and that is usually when dialing a number for inquiries is acceptable. So, following the time zone might be the best course of action when calling a business or a friend in the 646 area code.

Important things to keep in mind when calling a New York City area code Number
There are different things that you need to consider when you want to call an NYC area code number. New York is the largest city in America in terms of economy.

Manhattan is the central hub of New York. Most of the top businesses and companies are located in this borough. Additionally, Manhattan is also home to different celebrities and important media personalities.

New York is also home to a lot of creative industries in America. Headquarters of different fashion, advertising, and media companies are located here. That is why the 646 area code has huge importance when it comes to area codes in general.

In NYC, there are a few area codes that are as valuable as prime real estate. These area codes include the 212, 332, 626, and 646 area code. All these codes are considered valuable for different reasons.

For instance, the 212 is considered to be the most important area code in New York. What makes it valuable is that it was the first area code that was ever assigned in NYC. This area code is also very exclusive as no new numbers are offered under it now.

The 332 and 626 area codes are important because they are only assigned to major companies and businesses. So, every area code has significance in New York.


The 646 area code is an important part of New York City culture. It is used by people belonging to all walks of life. It was only unveiled in 1999, but in the last 22 years, it has become a valuable resource for businesses all across New York. Different individuals and companies use the 646 area code numbers to conduct businesses and make money.

With the ever-expanding population of businesses and residents in the Manhattan area, don’t be surprised if area codes are introduced down the line. But no matter how many new area codes are introduced, the 646 area will stay important and relevant forever.

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