Why Pitch at Ultra Light Startups?

To increase your chances of success

  1. To get practical, actionable feedback on your startup
  2. To meet top VCs and angel investors
  3. To win prizes (see below)

Prizes Include:

Everyone selected to pitch gets:

  • Investor presentation training from CEO coach and investor pitch/fundraising expert Mac Lipscomb
  • Exposure to an audience of 200+ startup community members – investors, founders, executives, developers, media, etc
  • Exposure to 4 top early-stage tech investors on our panel.  Each panelist is required to give constructive, actionable advice on your pitch.
  • Several startups have received angel investments directly from investors sitting in the audience at our events.

In addition, the following prizes are provided by Ultra Light Startups sponsors and media partners…

The top 3 startups win prizes including:
The top startup gets:

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