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Program Name: Entrepreneurs for Cures


  • FasterCures is a program of the Milken Institute focused on speeding up and improving the medical research system
  • FasterCures run an annual conference called Partnering for Cures to foster the collaborations needed to speed and improve outcomes-driven R&D
  • The 2014 Partnering for Cures conference will feature a startup presentation session called Entrepreneurs for Cures.  This is the first time startups have been featured at this conference.
  • The program is run by Mark David Lim, Associate Director of Medical Research Innovation at FasterCures.  Mark can be reached at [email protected]

Mark David Lim

Targeted Startups

Technology types

  • Mobile/digital health technologies designed to improve clinical trials
  • Technologies that apply patient reported outcomes to improve medical product development
  • Tools to bring patients into the biomedical research and development process

Patient and/or caregiver populations:

  • Chronic diseases and conditions
  • Acute and/or infectious/communicable diseases and conditions
  • Mental health diseases and conditions
  • Genetic-based diseases and conditions

Benefits to Startups

  • Publicity & visibility to Partnering for Cures‘ 1,000+ attendees (nonprofits, media, investors, industry, government, academia)
  • Opportunity for collaboration with FasterCures‘ network of patient philanthropies (eg the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation), which can provide non-dilutive financing, access to patient populations, etc
  • Private matchmaking sessions with patient philanthropies and other Partnering for Cures attendees
  • Ability to influence federal agencies (FDA, NIH, CMS, etc) and regulations that affect startups through closed-door sessions organized by FasterCures

How to Participate

Check out the Entrepreneurs for Cures site for more information and a link to the application form

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