Online Investor Challenge – Startup FAQ

What is an Online Investor Challenge?

An online investor challenge is a way for investors to view and interact with startups online – and for the startups to get exposure and win prizes.   At each challenge:

  1. Selected startups receive extensive coaching and preparation prior to the event
  2. Each startup creates an online profile (see example).  We work with the startups to produce a standardized, 3-minute pitch video (see example).
  3. Once the event starts, investors see the startups profiles and videos.  Investors ask questions of the startups (in text) and the startups answer the investor questions (see example).
  4. Investors read the startups answers, and provide helpful feedback in the form of “actionable advice” (see example)
  5. An audience follows this discussion online.  At the end of the event, the audience votes on their favorite startups.  The winners are awarded prizes from our sponsors and partners (see prize details here).

It’s a great networking opportunity for early-stage energy and cleantech startups seeking investment and exposure.  And it’s totally free for startups!

Click here to apply to participate.

I have an energy/cleantech startup.  Why should I participate?

Recent Future Energy winner David Mahfouda, founder of Bandwagon, shares the benefits of pitching here.

We’ve been selected.  What’s involved in participating?

  1. Work with our video team to produce your pitch video (2 hours)
  2. Work with our investor pitch coach to produce your slide deck (2 hours)
  3. During the event, view and respond to investor questions (3 hours)

You can complete all of your preparation and participation from your home or office.  No travel is required.

How do I get in?

Fill in this application form and we will be in touch shortly.  It’s free to apply and participate.


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