Office Hours

NOTE: I’m spending a few months out of town (SF and Texas). Office hours are cancelled until further notice



Meet Graham and other Ultra Light Startups experts to discuss your business and/or ask for help


  • In-person at the NYU Polytechnic Incubator (137 Varick St, 2nd floor) – unless Graham is out of town (see below)
  • Via Skype (lawlorg)


  • Graham Lawlor, founder of Ultra Light Startups. Graham can help with business model, fundraising, marketing and general management questions


Each Friday from 10am-noon EST, unless otherwise noted – (check this page to make sure)


  • Each person/team gets 20 minutes
  • First come, first served

How to prepare

  • Be sure to have a specific question in mind and ask it right away. It’s a shame if we get to the end of the 20 minutes and I still don’t know what you need my help with.
  • Keep in mind, I’m not an investor. Don’t try to convince me your idea is worthy of investment, because I can’t invest in any case.

How we can help

  • Use of our network to make valuable connections
  • Giving feedback on your concept, or specific business problems

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